9 Of Thailand’s Creepiest Attractions (Not For The Faint Hearted!)

You’re in Thailand. You’ve done the temples. Beaches have been ticked off. Gorged yourself on all manner of street food.

What’s next?

Friends; it’s time to get creeped out.

Thanks to a crazy combination of rampant local superstition, spirit houses and merit-making everywhere you look, and urban legends and ghost stories by the bucketload, Thailand is an absolute treasure trove of the creepy and freaky.

This brilliant Travelog article from a few weeks ago went behind the scenes of the ridiculously macabre ‘Sathorn Unique’ Ghost Tower in Bangkok – if your interest is piqued by what secrets lurk in that abandoned, 49-storey building, why not try the following attractions on for size too.

Here are 9 of the creepiest places in Thailand for your delectation and disgust: let us know where else deserves a creepy shout-out!

White Lion House

Chiang Mai

The White Lion House or, to give it it’s proper name, Jangmuarinnakorn House, holds both a creepy aesthetic and a terrible past. The mansion is imposingly huge and its baroque architecture out of place, flanked by snarling lions and now in serious state of dilapidation. The inside isn’t much better; abandoned save a bunch of squatters, chickens and graffiti. If the stories are true, they’re living alongside ghosts…

It was built around 20 years ago by a very rich, yet mentally troubled, man and his family, who ignored the inauspicious signs that there was bad Feng Shui on the site. The story goes that the man finally lost his mind one day and hacked his family to bits in a horrendous act of murder.

Predictably, the house is considered one of Chiang Mai’s most haunted sites and no one has bought it for fear of ‘catching’ the bad luck lining its walls.

Luang Pho Daeng

Koh Samui

luang pho daeng koh samui

By Per Meistrup

Luang Pho Daeng was a Thai monk who underwent rare and intense ritual of self-mummification and died while meditating in 1973.

His incredibly well-preserved body is held in a glass case at Wat Khunaram temple on Koh Samui. He wears sunglasses so visitors will not be repulsed by his gaping open eye sockets. His internal organs are preserved complete, if a little shrunken, thanks to the effects of dehydration.

Adding to the creepy effect are the many geckos that lay eggs and hatch inside of his body. Eggs were found in his eye sockets, mouth and beneath his skin during radiography scans. He also still has his dentures in.

Siriraj Medical Museum, or: Museum of Death


siriraj medical museum bangkok

Via Vice

With a nickname like ‘Museum of Death’, you can be assured of resolute creepiness at this fascinating medical museum. It’s made up of five smaller museums that explore and exhibit the complexities of different medical specialities, namely pathology, anatomy, anthropology, parasitology and forensics.

What makes the Museum of Death so creepily intriguing is its incredibly revealing displays of medical oddities: foetuses, siamese twins, children’s skeletons, skulls afflicted by hydrocephalus, rickets-riddled skeletons and even the mummified remains of a serial killer. Needless to say, it’s not for the faint of heart…