About Us

What’s On Sukhumvit is a window on Thailand from the heart of Bangkok’s most exciting neighbourhood: Sukhumvit.

Our only goal is to publish what you want to read. That’s invariably a mix of travel, humour, opinions, lifestyle, #ThailandOnly viral news and much more.

We also want to hear what you have to say — our Voices section is a hive of opinions and stories on Bangkok and beyond from the expats and locals that live here.

(P.S. please do get in touch if you would like to write for us.)

WOS is a lean team of just two staff.

We publish features daily, alongside regular contributions from independent writers and journalists who are deeply passionate about Bangkok and Thailand.

We pride ourselves on working fast and adapting quickly. We adopt an abundance mindset, recognising the strength of other local publications and linking out to all good work we read that might interest our readers.

WOS has not published a single sponsored post to date.

All of our content is 100% independent and 100% unique.

Want to delve into the What’s On Sukhumvit archives?

We suggest starting with the WOS Reading List — a compilation of our most popular, contentious and Facebook-comment worthy articles.

Warning: As you will see, not all of the comments are friendly!

One of the things we’ve learnt since our launch in 2015 is that providing a platform for discussion in Thailand attracts no shortage of arguments, criticism and controversy.

Healthy discussion is invited, always. Trolling is not.

WOS on Social Media

The WOS team maintains an active social media presence.

You can find us posting several updates per day with the latest goings on in and around Bangkok.

If you have any news you’d like to submit to us, or you’ve found something suitably cool that deserves a mention on one of Bangkok’s fastest growing lifestyle hubs — we would be delighted to hear from you.

Drop us an email today at: contact@whatsonsukhumvit.com