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Opinions on Thailand

Why You Shouldn’t Fear Violence in Thailand

There are instances of foreigners suffering violence in Thailand, but you shouldn’t be scared of it, argues James Newman – there are some basic ways to keep yourself safe.

6 Things I Wish My Family and Friends Knew About Thailand

David Rosenfield addresses some of the misconceptions people back home have about the Land of Smiles.

Thirak Jaa: The Complexities of Love in Thailand

Love is intertwined with pride in Thailand, argues Frances Suselo — sometimes with tragic consequences.

Why Euthanasia is not the Answer to Bangkok’s Soi Dog Problem

Kelly Iverson argues that the key to reducing the soi dog population is human compassion, not mass murder.

What’s the Problem with Western Women in Thailand?

Steph Johnson explores the negative perceptions of western women in the Land of Smiles by a choice few of their male counterparts.

In Defence of Bangkok’s Malls

Derek Hopper examines why western tourists and expats deride Bangkok’s opulent malls so much.

Getting Married in Thailand: It’s not Just the Dowry to Worry About

Luis Garrido-Julve reveals that sin sod is only the beginning when you marry a Thai girl…

The Argument Against Dual Pricing in Thailand

Chris Wotton argues that Thailand’s dual pricing policy is outdated and prejudiced.

Thailand’s Beer: What are you Drinking?

James Newman takes us through the best and worst of the beer available in the Land of Smiles, and asks, ‘is there anything worse than a Changover?’

5 Ways to Spot a Tourist on Sukhumvit

Let’s face it; they’re probably wearing elephant pants.

The Moral Dilemma of Learning Thai as an Expat

Should long-term expats be made to learn Thai? David Rosenfield looks at the arguments.

Teaching English in Thailand: Is the No-Fail Policy Failing Students?

Teacher Kelly Iverson explores the weaknesses in the Thai education system, and how that will fail both students and the country at large.

Westerners in Thailand: What Went Wrong?

The calibre of character in some of Thailand’s expats is sorely lacking.

soi 23 street food

Thailand’s ‘F’ Word: Offensive or Harmless?

Chris Wotton argues that there’s more to ‘farang’ than meets the eye…

Behind the Thai Smile

Kevin Cummings explores the meanings behind the world’s most famous smiles.

12 Things Thailand Does Better than Anywhere Else in the World

Including, sabai sabai!

Expats in Thailand: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

50 shades of Bangkok expats.

Is this How We Stop Motorbikes Riding on Bangkok’s Pavements?

Chris Wotton proposes a solution for the motorbikes on the pavement epidemic.

Inside the World of Luuk Thep: Psychoanalysis of the Thai Mind

What do the creepy Luuk Thep dolls say about the state of Thailand and its people?

9 Things I’ll Never Look at the Same After Moving to Thailand

Thailand can be pretty kooky occasionally. Here’s how it’s changed David Rosenfield’s perceptions on a few things…

Travel in Thailand

99 Things to Do in Thailand

This is the ultimate Thailand bucket list and we’re pretty sure the most comprehensive one on the internet right now. How many have you ticked off?

When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

The weather in Thailand isn’t simply rainy season and dry season — there’s a whole lot of weather systems in between. Here’s when the best times to visit Thailand – in terms of weather, prices and festivals.

Thai Island Guide

55 of Thailand’s most exquisite islands.

grand palaceThai Lottery: How it Works, Lucky Numbers and Prizes

The popular Thai lottery can be confusing to outsiders – we break down exactly what you need to know in order to play (and get behind the underground lottery too).

Thailand Monsoon Season

Everything you need to know.

Thailand Honeymoon Guide

Thailand is the perfect country for honeymooning — whether you’re looking for romance, city slicking, beach bumming or heart-pumping adventure.

Thai Food Guide: The Fundamentals of Siamese Cuisine

Absolutely everything you need to know about the world’s most deliciously complex cuisine.

The 11 Best Golf Courses in Thailand

Time to tee off.

9 of Thailand’s Most Beautiful Destinations (That You Don’t Know About Yet)

Times to venture off the tourist trail.

The Best Diving in Thailand

Where to go to get your SCUBA on.

Thai Visa Run Tales: The Road to Poipet

Steve Edwards recounts a classic visa run over the Cambodian border. Get the Chang at the ready…

11 of Thailand’s Best Provinces (That Aren’t Bangkok, Phuket or Chiang Mai)

We shine a light on the lesser known provinces of Thailand that are well worth your time and energy.

Thailand’s Street Dogs and the Woman on a Mission to Save Them

Tamara Johnston is saving Songkhla’s soi dogs, one pup at a time.

10 Things You Should Know About Backpacking in Thailand

A must-read for Thailand n00bs.

14 of Thailand’s Most Catastrophic Natural Disasters

Thailand gets a lot of weird weather — here’s when it’s been most destructive.

A 1,400 km Road Between Thailand and India is Coming

Road trip, anyone?

9 of the Best Day Trips from Bangkok

No car required!

Into Isaan: A Guide to Visiting the In-Laws

A visit upcountry is quite an experience, according to Steve Edwards.

11 of the Best Historical Destinations to Visit in Thailand

We must explore Thailand’s past to better understand its future.

What’s Killing Americans in Thailand?

Evo Terra explores how his countrymen die on Siamese shores.

soi 12 dangerous hammock

11 of the Most Weird and Wonderful Thai Festivals

From the raucous water fights of Songkran to the terror of the Bun Bangfai Rocket Festival and to the sexual imagery of Phi Tha Kon; there’s something happening every month in Thailand.

The Ultimate North to South Thailand Road Trip

Fire up the campervan.

9 of Thailand’s Creepiest Attractions

Not for the faint hearted.

The Complete Guide to Online Shopping in Thailand

40 of the biggest, best and easy to use online shopping portals.

Sukhumvit Neighbourhood Guides

Soi Thonglor: Where to Go and What to Do

A comprehensive guide to Sukhumvit’s most happening soi.

These are the 7 Best Street Food Haunts on Sukhumvit

Get your laab on.

7 Amazing Massages on Sukhumvit Where You Won’t Get… Er, Forked

The best massages in the Sukhumvit neighbourhood (with not a whiff of funny business).

The Parents’ Guide to Having Kids on Sukhumvit

Everything you need to know about kids on Sukhumvit.

Love, Scandal and Sin Sod at the Robin Hood

One of Sukhumvit’s best people watching spots.

A Guide to the Gay Scene in Sukhumvit

Getting your gay on in Bangkok isn’t restricted to Silom — Chris Wotton tells us where to enjoy the gay scene in Sukhumvit.

bangkok blogs

By m-louis .® (Creative Commons)

The A-Z of Sukhumvit’s Best Gyms and Sports Clubs

Keeping healthy in Bangkok can be a challenge. If you want to keep healthy or develop a new hobby, we’ve got you covered.

9 Things to do in Phrom Phong

Sukhumvit’s favourite family neighbourhood has a whole lot more going on than just amazing restaurants.

A Very British Guide to Pubs and Restaurants on Sukhumvit

Where to get that pie and a pint.

Checkinn99 Moving on to the Next Life

Sukhumvit’s oldest nightlife establishment is shutting up shop.

9 of the Best Thonglor Restaurants

Thonglor’s restaurant scene is legendary – here’s the best of the best.

The Essential Dog’s Guide to Sukhumvit

Everything a dog-owner and dog lover could ever need to know.

The Best of Bangkok

Where to go for the Best Western Food in Bangkok

From burgers and ribs to Mexican and Italian.

37 Reasons Why Bangkok is the Best City in the World

City of Angels, the Big Mango — we love you.

The Very Worst of Bangkok’s Nightlife

Does Khao San Road make the cut?

Bangkok Cuisine Guide

The best restaurants to chow down on your favourite international cuisines.

11 Things to do in Bangkok When it’s Raining

Make the most of that monsoon.

Bangkok Overpriced vs Bangkok Underpriced

Think Bangkok is just cheap cheap cheap? Think again. Why are bell peppers so expensive?

The Secret World of Motorbike Taxis

Thought they were just there to get you from A to B? James Newman reveals all.

How to Spend a Sunday in Bangkok

Scare your girlfriend with a monitor lizard.

soi 1611 Cheap Things to do in Bangkok

Want to explore the city without breaking the bank? Here are some of Bangkok’s cheapest good attractions and experiences on offer.

How to Spend a Saturday in Bangkok

Want to make the most of the city this weekend? Let us be your guide.

Bangkok’s Got Bugs

Or: the nutritional value of a Khao San Road scorpion

Sukhumvit Through the Years

Tracking the changes of Bangkok in photos.

The Art of Walking in Bangkok: A Rant on Pave Rage

Why do Bangkokians walk so slowly?

The Most Overrated vs. Underrated Bangkok Experiences

David Rosenfield gives us his opinion on what’s worth your time and money in the City of Angels — and what is best left to the crowds.

Vanishing Red: The Demolition of Depravity

James Newman argues against the whitewashing of Sukhumvit.

Is this the Best Bookshop in Bangkok?

All hail Dasa Book Cafe.

Living Among Bangkok’s Ghosts: The Legend of Mae Nak Phra Khanong

James Newman examines Bangkok’s favourite ghost.

Bangkok’s MRT Map: The Satire Edition

Benny Schup rewrites a more realistic version of the MRT map.

Bangkok Massage: Everything You Need to Know

From traditional Thai to relaxing Oil. And how to avoid the naughty ones…

The Unspoken Rules of Driving in Bangkok

Driving in Bangkok is a true art.

Inside the Magical and Mysterious World of an Amulet Collector

Frances Suselo interviews a secretive and successful collector of amulets.

bangkok blogs

By m-louis .® (Creative Commons)

Bangkok Cheap Tours: 9 of the Very Best

Do you want to discover all the hidden and local parts of this city? Here are the best and least expensive tours that can help you discover more.

The Bangkok Bus: An Early Morning Urban Safari

You ain’t living until you’ve survived a Bangkok bus ride.

Broke in Bangkok 101: The 100 Baht a Day Survival Guide

Could you survive on 100 baht a day? Steve Edwards did; and lived to tell the tale.

Volunteering in Bangkok

18 ways to make a difference.

The Best Places to Stay in Bangkok

The best neighbourhoods for tourists and expats.

How to Spend 48 Hours in Bangkok

Get off the tourist trail and experience the best of BKK.