37 Reasons Why Bangkok Is The Most Incredible City In The World

Bangkok — City of Angels.

The capital of Thailand has captured the hearts and imaginations of countless visitors and locals since its founding in 1782, thanks to its heart-pounding sensuality and undeniable character.

It’s a city of contradictions: arguably more so than anywhere else on earth.

The innovative and modern sit alongside the ornate establishment, abject slum poverty is just moments away from the gleaming shopping malls – those Meccas of consumerism – and liberal lifestyles interweave with conservative values and religious ideals.

Bangkok is a crazy city. But it’s unquestionably an incredible one.

Here’s why…

1. The skyline is constantly evolving

bangkok skyline

By Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)

2. But daily life continues as normal on the streets

bangkok photos

By Ahron de Leeuw (Creative Commons)

3. The relics of the past are everywhere

photos of bangkok

By Gin The Wanderer (Creative Commons)

4. But everyone strives to live in the moment

photos of bangkok

By Transformer18 (Creative Commons)

5. Locals make their living on the streets

bangkok people

By Tord Remme (Creative Commons)

6. And also in the huge CBD

bangkok best city

By Mike Behnken (CC BY-SA 2.0 licence)

7. Bangkok is the city that never sleeps

bangkok is the best city in the world

By digitalpimp. (CC BY-SA 2.0 licence)

8. But there’s always moments of quiet to be found

chinatown bangkok

By Aleksandr Zykov (Creative Commons)

9. Different cultures can make a home here

bangkok chinatown

By Joe Le Merou (CC BY 2.0 licence)

10. And even practice religion

mosque in bangkok

By Nick Gray (CC BY-SA 2.0 licence)

11. Whatever their faith may be

bangkok churches

By m-louis .® (Creative Commons)

12. The traffic might be crazy

photos of bangkok

By Mark Fischer (Creative Commons)

13. But there’s always alternatives

bangkok city

By David McKelvey (Creative Commons)

14. Bangkok is home to creatures great and small

bangkok city

By Ivan Komarov (Creative Commons)

15. Including some pretty scaly ones

bangkok monitor lizards

By m-louis .® (Creative Commons)

16. She’s one of the most colourful cities in the world

bangkok photos

By Twang_Dunga (Creative Commons)

17. And also one of the sultriest

sunsets in bangkok

By Prachanart Viriyaraks (Creative Commons)

18. Incredibly beautiful art…

photo of bangkok

By Tim Moffatt (Creative Commons)

19. …Complements the grubby realism of the city

bangkok thailand

By Chris Brown (Creative Commons)

20. Everyone has their own story here

bangkok city stories

By The 3B’s (Creative Commons)

21. No matter what side of town they’re on

bangkok faces

By Gabriel Mueller (Creative Commons)

22. You can always find food in Bangkok,

photos of bangkok

By Juan Antonio F. Segal (Creative Commons)

23. No matter what time of day,

bangkok photos

By Chrisgel Ryan Cruz (Creative Commons)

24. Or night

bangkok street food

By Oleg Sidorenko (Creative Commons)

25. Bangkok plays witness to incredible storms

storms in bangkok

By Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)

26. But is never washed out by the rain

Bangkok skyline

By Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)

27. There’s always plenty of life

bangkok city lights

By Juan Antonio F. Segal (Creative Commons)

28. Even in the suburbs

bangkok city

By m-louis .® (Creative Commons)

29. The Chao Phraya River really is the River of Kings

chao phraya River

By Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)

30. No matter what angle you look at it from

bangkok cityscape

By Park Keun Hyung (Creative Commons)

31. Bangkok inspires men to become Miss Saigon saviours

bangkok photos

By Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)

32. Even though its women don’t need saving

bangkok girls

By Binder.donedat (Creative Commons)

33. The people of Bangkok are the friendliest in the world

kids in bangkok

By chrisada (Creative Commons)

34. No matter how old they are

learning Thai as an expat

By Georgie Pauwels (CC BY 2.0 Licence)

35. It’s easy to escape from Bangkok

bangkok train

By m-louis .® (Creative Commons)

36. But you’ll always know when you’re ready to come home

bangkok park

By Prachanart Viriyaraks (Creative Commons)

37. Because this city is out of this world

bangkok photos

By Ronn aka “Blue” Aldaman (Creative Commons)

bangkok best city

What do you think makes Bangkok so amazing?

Featured image is by Mike Behnken (Creative Commons)




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