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Every Sunday, we’ll be bringing you the best of the week’s news, views, tweets and pics from around the web, focusing on the Sukhumvit area and wider issues affecting its residents and visitors.

Bangkok’s been pretty busy this week – what with two public holidays, the inaugural Bike For Dad event and the national flight carrier narrowly passing EU safety tests, it’s a wonder that anyone has had any time at all to wander around shopping malls at a snail’s pace.

Yet, somehow…

Here’s our pick of the week on the web.

Visa overstayers to be blacklisted [Stickboy Bangkok]

In a move that has been threatened for a while, the Prime Minister has approved blacklisting as a punishment for visa overstayers. Those that overstay their visas by 90 or more days will be banned from entering Thailand for periods of up to 10 years. We imagine this will rattle a certain Sukhumvit demographic…


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Notorious female burglar arrested after setting a Thonglor stationery shop on fire [The Nation]

Supuktrapon Wongsuwan was arrested this week after she was found choking on smoke inside the Suksapan Panit stationery shop in Thonglor. It transpired she had hidden in the store before it closed, stole money from donations boxes and started a fire by setting a mouse pad alight when she couldn’t get out. Sounds reasonable.


Customised McDonald’s burgers to be available from Robinson Sukhumvit next year [Bangkok Post]

If your one gripe with the Thai McDonald’s offering is that there’s no option to build it yourself, you’re in luck. From next year, a pop-up McCafe at Robinson Sukhumvit will be giving customers the chance to build a DIY burger with a number of exciting toppings and the choice of Angus beef and spicy namtok.


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Dealing with heartbreak abroad [The Travallure]

A Bangkok blogger has penned a moving and insightful blog on the perils of dealing with a breakup in a country far from your own and the weight of crushed expectations. Although actually written from Laos, The Travallure captures the pain and heartache that many an expat will experience at some point during their travels, whether on the Sukhumvit Road or in the depths of Isaan.


Thai handbag designer waxes lyrical on Thonglor [Vogue Australia]

HiSo Thai handbag designer Javamond (Fonn) Pavarodom walks Australia’s fashionistas through her favourite spots in Bangkok, focusing on the Thonglor neighbourhood, which she describes as “where real local Bangkok people spend time.”


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A $2.6 billion extension to the BTS has been approved [Global Construction Review]

The proposed Orange Line extension to the skytrain has been approved by the Cabinet and is scheduled to be in operation from 2022. It’ll run across the north of Bangkok from Taling Chan to Min Buri.


And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the week on Sukhumvit. See you next time!


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