From Telling Your Thai Girlfriend You’re Broke To A Visa Run Minivan Crash

How’s the first week post-Songkran been treating you?

While we welcome a week without threat of being hosed down as soon as you step away from the confines of a BTS station, there’s no denying that it’s still been a gruelling few days.

We learned that the Songkran death rate this year unfortunately set a new record with 397 road deaths in 6 days; 15 of the suspects associated with last year’s Erawan Shrine bombing cannot be found and are still at large; while a so-called internet celebrity pretended to shoot himself in the head live on Facebook.

Natural phenomena have also been bothering Thailand this week: summer storms have been hammering the north and northeast regions and have sadly destroyed over 700 homes. One woman was hospitalised after being struck by lightning in Isaan and badly injured.

It’s not just bad news haunting the Bangkok news’ desks this week, however, and there’s been plenty of other mischief on the cards, as always.

Here’s the best of the news, views and social media updates from this week.


Why do Thais love Songkran even with the terrible drought?

Perhaps asking a question which many of us have pondered, this article explores why we still celebrate the water fights of Songkran despite much of the country being paralysed by drought. The points of view recorded are a little short-sighted, with some claiming to be indifferent to the drought and others annoyed that mention of it has hampered their fun.

It’s clear that drought is far from the minds of many celebrating Songkran.

Pattaya building demolition goes haywire

A four-storey building in Pattaya toppled uncontrollably during a planned demolition this week. Very close to popular Walking Street, two nearby shops and a handful of utility poles were damaged as it collapsed, although thankfully no injuries have been reported. You can watch the video of the destruction at the link.

Human bones found in Udon Thani forest

15 piles of human bones, adding up to nearly a total skeleton, were discovered buried in an Udon Thani forest recently. Tyre remains and petrol were found nearby, suggesting the body/ies were burned in a sitting position. Police are working to find out more and locate the perpetrators.


A smashing Thai visa run

Stickboy recounts a recent border run trip to Cambodia at the hands of a somewhat reckless minivan driver. An inevitable smash ensued – thankfully no serious injuries – and he walks us through his first hand account of the accident. A scary and sadly all too common phenomena on the Thai roads.

Being a proud Chinese traveller in Bangkok

Thailand is known for its attraction to huge tour groups of Chinese tourists, some of which have a bad reputation among the Thai locals for being a little uncouth. This blog explores how it feels to be part of a Chinese tour group and how to best represent the country abroad. It also looks at the evolution of Chinese culture and what ‘communism’ means to the Chinese.

How to recruit the best Thai employees

If you’re thinking of making the leap and starting a Thai company, one hurdle you’ll certainly have to address is hiring local employees. This brilliant in-depth guide goes into tips for recruitment, testing skills and barrier to entry criteria, as well as the probation process. Required reading for those interested in starting a business here.

Forum Discussions

Should I tell my Thai girlfriend that I’m broke?

This Thaivisa thread explores the age old conundrum of at what point in a relationship it’s acceptable to show the real you to your newly acquired amour. In particular, we’re looking at a guy edging closer to financial destitution: should he tell his girlfriend he needs to return to the West for a business reason? Or confess his real state of affairs.

Lots of personal anecdotes and interesting advice here. Our favourite:

thai visa forum



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