From Where To Find Good Thai Girls In Bangkok To How Being An Expat Opens Your Eyes

Welcome to Sunday, Bangkok!

So this week we’ve seen a bodybuilding monk, a much hyped increase in sin taxes, and the epic Hungry Ghost festival in Phuket. Never a dull moment in the Land of Smiles.

This week has also seen more details revealed about the late King Bhumibol’s funeral at the end of October. Check out this handy guide to what you can expect in Thailand from 25-29 October.

Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Miss Teen Thailand is arrested with 70 grams of crystal meth

Amelia Jacobs, a 28-year old former Miss Teen Thailand, was arrested earlier this week in possession of 70 grams of crystal meth, 16 ecstasy pills and drug paraphernalia. It was revealed at the press conference following the arrest that Amelia — nickname Amy — and her 40-year old boyfriend, also arrested, apparently confessed to buying the meth with intent to resell it at a later date. The story has changed multiple times since then, however.

She is apparently being kept in holding at Sai Mai police station at the moment, refusing to use the station toilets.

African women lured to Pattaya by sex work

A special report in the Bangkok Post this week on why increasing numbers of African women are moving to Pattaya to participate in sex work there. Researchers and locals find that, just like Asian sex workers, these African women move to Sin City because of the high density of tourists and earning opportunities that abound there, plus they feel safer there than working in Bangkok where they’re presumably more exposed.

The director of a foundation that seeks to improve the lifestyles of sex workers has found that these women are not being trafficked, but rather they move to the city of their own accord to take advantage of the high tourist traffic.

Suspected American paedophile found in Koh Samui

26-year old Jackson Hall, who is wanted back in the US on child sex charges, was found in Koh Samui on Friday night following a tip-off. Thai police arrested him when he couldn’t provide his passport and confirm his identity, before Hall apparently admitted that it was him featured in the ‘wanted’ photos distributed around Thailand during the past few weeks. He is now facing extradition back to the US.


Does expat life force you to open your eyes?

An interesting post here from the Bangkok-based Greg To Differ blog on the author’s rage at seeing a tragic photo of a Rohingya mother mourning her dead baby boy nestled among inane news stories and celebrity videos on HuffPo. The author explains that years ago, this wouldn’t have affected him so much and, in fact, he might have been eating up those Hollywood stories as much as anyone, but his years as an expat and the birth of his own son a few years ago have changed his perspective.

While we don’t necessarily agree that living in Thailand in particular is what forces an expat’s eyes open (regarding the Rohingya crisis, you’re either there or you’re not), the overall message of the blog definitely hits home. Making a new life in a new country is a huge awakening experience that should shake up your perspective and refocus your priorities on what actually matters to you and the world at large. And if that means that suddenly you’re unable to stomach media that gleefully show national tragedy next door to self-congratulatory videos from the Emmy Awards, then so be it, we guess.

And after all, if you’re not changed by time you’ve spent living abroad, then what was the point of moving in the first place?

S**tting yourself in a public bathroom in Northern Thailand

Without wanting to give too much away, this is a post about the merits of having diarrhea when travelling in a van between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai. Just writing that has given us chills.

Anyway, this is a funny and ultimately heartfelt reflection on running into toilet trouble abroad, finding comfort in your friends and always remembering to carry imodium in Asia.

The Bangkok Foodies website is here!

A quick shout-out to the people that run the large and engaging Bangkok Foodies Facebook group. They’ve recently built a website that promises to be your first stop in everything to do with eating out in Bangkok and beyond. Check it out…

Forum Threads

Where to find ‘good’ Thai girls in Bangkok

Reddit answering the age old question this week of where to find good Thai girls — and by ‘good’, we understand that the criteria is simply ‘does not accept money for sex’.

Anyway, there are plenty of recommendations on how to meet likeminded Thai girls here, with most Redditors espousing the benefits of dating once you already have a base of good Thai friends in the city, others suggesting the online route and others still questioning what this punk has to offer a good Thai girl anyway.

Ahh Reddit…




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