From The Perils Of Online Dating In Thailand To Hating Your Life Back Home

Happy Sunday, Bangkok! Here we are again.

Another busy week in the City of Angels — and a wet one too. Rainy season is starting to wear a little thin now, huh?

This week marked the 40th anniversary of the Thammasat Massacre, where almost 50 student protesters at Thammasat University were killed as they campaigned against the return of a military dictator in the name of democracy.

Also this week saw the sad, yet long rumoured, announcement that Hemingway’s bar and restaurant on Sukhumvit Soi 14 would be closing at the end of October in order to make way for yet another hotel. Aside from the closure of such a popular expat hub — just the latest in a line of similar closures — punters are worried about the fortune of the beautiful teak house the restaurant is housed within. We hope that one day Thailand will list historic buildings to save them for posterity.

That’s not all that’s been enraging and entertaining Bangkok this week. Here’s the top news, views, videos and social media updates from the past 7 days.


Burmese woman stabbed to death, next to ‘love you’ written in blood

Nanksan Sorimipra was discovered dead in a house in Klong Toei this week, with stab wounds in her chest, stomach and hands, next to the words ‘love you’ written on the wall in blood. It’s apparent that Nanksan had been arguing with her partner, Saibi Bikhmad, who also suffered a non-fatal stab wound before her death.

Thailand marks 40th anniversary of student massacre

This is the story of the 40th anniversary events of the Thammasat massacre on 6 October 1976, where it’s believed at least 46 students were killed, 167 wounded and over 3,000 arrested as they protested at the return of a former military dictator from forced exile. For the story behind one of the most enduring (and upsetting – proceed with caution) images of the massacre, this Bangkok Post interview with photographer Neal Ulevich is illuminating.

Relaxation in abortion laws for foetuses affected by Zika

Thai health experts have confirmed that they will allow abortion up to 24 weeks in cases where serious birth defects — i.e. microcephaly — can be proven in foetuses linked to contraction of the Zika virus. Thailand has strict laws governing abortion, with the medical procedure currently only legal in cases of rape or to save the mother’s life, up to 12 weeks.


A trip to Bangkok made me hate my life in England

English blogger Jonny explains how his holidays in Bangkok have made his life back home in England pale in comparison — something we, and a fair few other Bangkok expats, will surely be able to sympathise with.

Jonny seems to symbolize a life that most of us left behind when we made the jump to leave home and make a new life for ourselves in Bangkok — countdown apps counting down the days to holiday freedom and a general sense of living for what’s coming next, rather than living in the moment. If there’s one thing that Bangkok life has given us, it’s the worth of living presently

Where to find Bangkok’s tastiest insects

If you’ve hopped on the insect-eating bandwagon, this guide to where to find tasty grub in the City of Angels is sure to become a handy little guide for you. From Khao San to Talad Rod Fai, they’ve got you covered on where to find crickets and larvae when you’re feeling peckish.

Behind the scenes at the Sangmorakot Gym

Muay Thai enthusiasts will love this profile of the Sangmorakot Gym from the Fightland blog; a proper, no-frills, training centre dedicated to the development of fighters. Some brilliant photos here too.

Forum Threads

The perils of online dating in Thailand

This is an amusing Thaivisa thread about the calibre of ladies looking for, er, new friends on popular dating app Thai Friendly. The original poster recounts his story of meeting a lovely girl on the app from Samut Prakan, they talk all day and all night, and she’s shown signs of wanting to take things to the next level. But there’s something a little off — when the poster finds her Facebook profile (which she pretended not to have), he finds evidence of a Thai husband whom she apparently married earlier this year. It couldn’t be, could it…?

The best response:

thaivisa forum


If you enjoy listening to an angry stream of consciousness about Bangkok’s sexpat industry, you’ll love this car crash



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