From Memories Of The Full Moon Party To How Sleazy You’ve Become Since Moving To Thailand

Good morning, Bangkok — congratulations on making it through to Sunday!

It was a busy last week of September in Thailand. Our brilliant Bangkok was named Mastercard’s world’s top destination of 2017 and was visited by a very special guest…

That’s right. Elmo. Bloody Elmo.

Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Penis-shaped corn dogs inspires outrage among Thais

We should preface this with the quite brilliant headline that Khaosod English came up with for the story: “Appetite for Graphic Corn Dogs Climaxes in Moral Outrage”. Descriptive.

This is the news of Pho Hai Ma, who sells penis-shaped waffles — stuffed with sausage and cheese, no less — out of her Indy Market street stall in western Bangkok. While the novelty treat is certainly proving popular among Bangkokians, the more conservative in the city have taken issue against the corn dogs, telling the owner that her artistry is obscene and ‘un-Buddhist’. We say live and let live!

Thai wife murders 79-year old German husband in Phuket home

A grisly murder story this week from Phuket when 52-year old Nirandorn Pratumsin turned herself in to the local police station, saying that she murdered her husband, 79-year old Johann Friedrich Speckbacher, following an argument.

German Speckbacher was found dead in the kitchen with rope marks around his neck and no other signs of disturbance. Nirandorn has been charged with murder and is being held.

American in Chiang Mai upsets neighbours with 33 decorative Buddha heads

An American man in Chiang Mai came under fire from locals recently as he decorated the fence of his home with 33 Buddha heads. His neighbours complained and they were removed by authorities, to the surprise of the American and his Thai wife, apparently both practicing Buddhists. In total, 70 heads were removed. The couple are hoping to relocate them inside.


Memories of the Full Moon Party…

An Oyster post here with questions and answers from 3 women who’ve experienced the Full Moon Party down at Koh Phangan in the past (word of warning: one of them describes herself as a ‘world traveller’). Topics include perceived feelings of safety on the beach, drinking and drug use and the most shocking sights. A fun read!

Down the Mekong from Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang

A great trip report here on taking the slow boat from Chiang Rai to Luang Prabang. How does two days drifting down the Mekong compare to a horrendous 15-hour bus journey?

Alongside some beautiful photos of the journey, the post includes thorough details of the crossing, where it departs from and where you leave off.  For fans of slow travel, this could be the best way to cross from Thailand into Laos.

Insect fine dining in Bangkok

The international media seem particularly beguiled by the Bangkok dining scene’s interest in insects recently. This Guardian article focuses on the fine insect dining on offer at Insects in the Backyard in the ChangChui creative complex (on Sirindhorn Road in Bang Phlat).

Sample dishes include wild greens salad with pan-fried crickets and grasshoppers, and cream of chestnut soup with quail and bamboo caterpillar. Sounds delectable.

Forum Threads

How sleazy have you become since moving to Thailand?

Perhaps the question on everybody’s lips as they visit Thaivisa forum — how sleazy are you since you moved to Thailand? The measurement for this test appears to be how members treat women, and how this has changed since they arrived in the Land of Smiles.

Somehow, the focus — as it so often does — shifts to the wrong side of misogyny. One member writes how “most of us have reason to disrespect western women” and how many of them give large sums of money to Thai women so the question is moot anyway. You’re not sleazy if the women either don’t deserve respect or you give them a lot of money it seems.

The starter pack for ‘I know the best pad Thai stand on Khao San Road’

‘Starter packs’ have been doing the round on social media for a while now and this one for — to be blunt — hippy backpackers who think they know Bangkok after spending three days on Khao San — is pretty spot on.

The pack includes women with dreadlocks, elephant pants, Birkenstocks, tatty vest top and tribal tattoo. Do you qualify?!




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Red reflections from Thailand // Часто так получается, что люди ищут оправдание своему бездействию. Это разговор опять про границы комфорта – что самое интересное всегда вне зоны вашей лени. Я всегда очень радуюсь активным людям. Они заставляют планету «крутиться». И они прекрасно понимают, что их счастье зависит от них самих. Сегодня в ролике проекта “Я иду искать” от Яндекса увидела девушку, которая сама путешествует на коляске, и организовывает путешествия и экскурсии для людей с ограниченными возможностями. Ее зовут Светлана Нигматуллина, и она стала первым в России профессиональным экскурсоводом-колясочником. Она так же помогает обустраивать доступную среду по всей Калининградской области — в музеях, кафе, ресторанах, общественных пространствах, парусных клубах. Она работает, чтобы иметь возможность путешествовать, проехала около полутра десятка стран и помогает осуществить мечту другим. И это история про то, что ограничения могут быть только в вашей голове. История про активного человека, который хотел путешествовать – и путешествует.

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And that’s been the Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!


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