From What Thailand Gets Right That Your Home Country Doesn’t To A Bangkok Ghost Hunt

Happy Sunday, Bangkok!

Songkran is over and so the super soakers are put back in the cupboard for another year. Not that we couldn’t use them for a quick spritz during the sweaty hell that is Bangkok in April…

It’s been a pretty quiet week following the holiday, aside from a shark attack in Hua Hin, Bangkok turning the ripe old age of 236 and everyone somberly contemplating the reality that more people died on the roads during this holiday season than last year — 418 at the last count.

Let’s see what else has been enraging and entertaining Bangkok this week…

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Brit beats Thai wife to death after she refused sex

A tragedy in Ubon Ratchathani this week as 29-year old Kanda Smitham was apparently beaten to death at the hands of her British husband, 51-year old Kevin Smitham.

Apparently Smitham was suffering from jealousy after Kanda had refused to have sex with him and accused her of having an extramarital lover. Smitham apparently told police that he had beaten his wife but hadn’t meant to kill her. Kanda’s body was discovered in front of a house, in just her underwear but covered by a blanket, by a passerby who immediately rang the police.

The couple were married for 6 years and share three young children. They normally live in Pattaya but were visiting relatives for the new year Songkran celebrations.

Expat vlogger goes viral about rude Bangkok taxi driver

Bangkok’s taxi drivers already have a notorious reputation, and this was done no favours this week after popular vlogger Danny Mac publicly took one to task after a bad experience at Suvarnabhumi airport.

Vlogger and English teacher Mac describes in Thai how his taxi driver repeatedly tried to overcharge him on the way from the airport to his condo, pretended that his meter was broken, complained the whole way and branded him a ‘farang kheenok’ (pigeonshit farang) when he asked for his change at the end of the disaster journey.

The vlog has now reached almost two million views.

Satun is Thailand’s first Geopark

Half of beautiful Satun province in southern Thailand has been designated by Unesco as a Global Geopark, thanks to its geological and cultural diversity.

The Global Geopark is the first of its kind in Thailand and one of only 13 in the entire world designated this year. It will have its status reevaluated in 2021 to ensure it retains the features that Unesco recognised this year.

Unesco described the new Geopark as “a peaceful place with renowned natural beauty, where several cultures and religious groups, Buddhist, Muslim and Christian, as well as minority groups, i.e. Semung or Maniq and Urak Lawoi, live together in harmony.”


What to read, watch and download before visiting Bangkok

A nice little list here in NY Magazine about interesting resources to consult about Bangkok — a nice primer both for first time tourists and long-term expats who want to explore other people’s perspectives about this great city.

It includes articles, books, music, documentaries, websites, vlogs, maps and Instagram accounts to follow. We’d also add a recommendation to read Bangkok Days by Lawrence Osborne, one of our favourite Bangkok-centric books.

Expat author interview with a Sukhumvit tailor

A great interview here on the author of Bangkok Beat, Kevin Cumming’s, blog. The interview is of Kevin, by Joe the tailor at Charlie’s Design Fashion House on Soi 16 (apparently conveniently located across from Foodland) and explores topics such as Cumming’s writing influences, the writers in Thailand that he admires, his clothing essentials, and what made him eventually lose the Magnum P.I. look. A witty and heartwarming read.’

A day trip to Koh Hong

Koh Hong is definitely worth a trip while you’re staying in Krabi if you’re looking for cerulean waters, fine white sands and excellent snorkelling opportunities. The Home Is Where Your Bag Is blog has compiled everything you need to know about this gorgeous island, including how to get there, entrance fees and what to do while you’re there.

Forum Threads

What have the Thais got right that your home country hasn’t?

Moaning about Thailand often seems to be the raison d’être for many members of the Thaivisa forum, but here’s a remarkably positive post proving that they do love it here really: what has Thailand got right that your home country has not?

Popular responses include bum guns (amen), permission to turn left on red lights, the happy-go-lucky attitude of its people, fresh fruit, frog noises (er.. what?) and, of course, the women. With an array of illustrative photos.

Well, it is Thaivisa…

How to avoid food poisoning in Thailand

A good Reddit survey here on the people who have suffered from food poisoning and what they ate that they think triggered the attack. You’ve got all the usual suspects like street food pla ra and naem sour spicy sausage, as well as a few Western brands and foods that you might be surprised about.




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!


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