From A Young Isaan Girlfriend To The Hottest Hotel In Thailand

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As per the Commodores, we’re feeling easy as we try to escape the throes of this hangover.

It’s been a relatively quiet week in dear old Bangkok, save for a much-hyped light show at the latest ‘tallest building in Bangkok’, the MahaNakhon. I’m not really sure what we were expecting but it was marginally anticlimactic watching what literally turned out to be flashing lights on a tall building, quite a long time after the advertised start time.

Almost immediately afterwards, the Thai Constitution Protection Association apparently made a complaint about the structure being designed by a foreigner (award-winning German architect, Ole Scheeran) that therefore put it potentially in breach of Thai labour laws. As if the developers were going to turn around and say, “Good point, guys. Let’s pull it down.”

There’s been a few other stories floating around the Bangkok zeitgeist this week too — let’s take a look at the best of the news, views, videos and social media updates.


Young American fleeing unwanted sexual advances falls down a Krabi mountain

This is the story that 23-year old Hannah Michel Gavios fell down a mountain in Krabi after running away from a guide who was apparently making unwanted sexual advances. Gavios survived the fall although professed to having no feeling in her legs when she was rescued the day after.

Kiwi who died from Bangkok hotel fall had an ‘adventurous nature’

30-year old New Zealander Ross Mobbs was found dead after falling from a balcony at the Chillax Resort on Soi Samsen this week, after apparently trying to climb the balconies between rooms. His friends and colleagues back home paid tribute to Mobbs, describing him as having “an adventurous nature and a love for travel.”

Real estate advert gets real on Thai-Farang dating

In what might prove to be one of the more fool-hardy ways to advertise your business, real estate released a new ad this week linking online dating between western men and Thai girls to not knowing what you could get when searching online for apartments. Here’s the video:

We have a few questions: why did the bloke only find out about her penis the following morning when she went to the toilet? Were they only cuddling the night before? And, of course — what does this have to do with buying a new home?!


The hottest hotel in Thailand

The I Left Home blog visited the Pleasure Harbour Boutique in Chaweng, Koh Samui and report back on what might just be the sexiest hotel in Thailand. We’re talking a hidden, speakeasy-style entrance, poles and swings in the bedrooms, and the key to room 69… An ‘erotic-themed boutique hotel’ indeed.

How to differentiate between the Thai chillies

Time for a cold shower, chaps, as we’re jumping into a different kind of hot topic now — Thai chillies. This Food Republic blog gives us an education in 9 of the different chillies, how they taste, spice levels and what dishes they’re used in. A good read for anyone who wants to find out more about Thai cuisine.

Forum Discussions

How much money do I need to live in Chiang Mai?

We love these cost of living threads and this Reddit one is a gem. A young Canadian lad is moving to CM for 10-12 months with his girlfriend to train in Muay Thai and wants to know if 270,000 baht is enough to see him through. There’s plenty of responses here, ranging from ‘go for it, you’re young and you’ll love it’, to the old codgers who advise he should bring triple. An interesting insight into how other people live and the perceptions of incoming expats.

Isaan girls: are they all gossiping scammers?

Hold on to your hats, readers: this Thaivisa thread is one for the ages. The original poster recounts a recent experience that saw him socialising with his wife, his 45-year old friend, and the friend’s new, 18-year old girlfriend (sure. When we were 18, there was nothing we loved more than snuggling up to 45-year olds).

It later transpires that the girlfriend revealed to the poster’s wife that she doesn’t actually like her boyfriend at all, that her mother is pressuring her to continue dating him, and that she doesn’t want to hurt his feelings (or lose the allowance he’s giving her) by dumping him. What a conundrum.

What follows is a discussion of sorts about how women gossip, the perceived nature of baan nork (country bumpkins) and how to handle relationships with the female species.

Our favourite observation:
thaivisa forum


The perils of being a digital nomad…



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