From A Broken Heart In Bangkok To How To Write The Perfect Thailand Travel Blog

Morning, Bangkok. We’re taking it easy this Sunday, Commodores style.

While there’s been plenty going on in Bangkok this week — as per usual — we’d be lying if we said we hadn’t had one eye trained on the news cascading out of the US in the run-up to next week’s election.

It’s been… eye-opening.

Anyway, back to Bangkok.

This week seems to have been dominated by a ‘good girls gone bad’ theme, after a Maxim model was busted for shoplifting at Emporium and a so-called pretty found herself as the cause of a 9 car crash in the middle of the capital.

The usual fun and games then.

Let’s see what’s been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…


Fall-out from 9 car “pretty” crash on Ratchada

There’s been plenty of media attention on internet pretty Namzom Zomy since her dramatic car crash on Ratchada on Monday afternoon which ended up causing a 9 car crash. This article focuses on the consequences for the other crash victims, after the daughter of one of them came forward to complain that her family had to find 40,000 baht for her father’s medical costs. He has now left the hospital but is still suffering from chest pain and high blood pressure.

Namzom Zomy is yet to be charged.

Aussie wanted on kidnapping charges is spotted on Sukhumvit

This is the story that Australian Guido James Eglitis was spotted in a Sukhumvit bar recently after being released from prison in Cambodia, where he had been imprisoned on assault charges . According to The Herald Sun, he fled Australia in 2007 after jumping bail on kidnapping and torture charges. It’s thought he may now be extradited back to Australia after being spotted in the N’Joy bar.


How to write the perfect Thailand travel blog

A delightfully sarcastic run-down on writing the perfect Thailand travel blog, complete with all the ready-made cliches we’ve all come to know and love. Here’s a couple:

  • Bangkok as a ‘cosmopolitan melting pot’
  • ‘assault on the senses’

The tradition of crap travel writing runs deep in Thailand.  As for us, expect plenty more ‘Ultimate Guides’ and ruminations on the friendly Thai people in the future…

Mourning King Bhumibol as a tourist

This is a sensitive blog touching on the practicalities of being a tourist in Thailand during this sad period of history as the Land of Smiles mourns their late King.

As opposed to the many blogs that have popped up guiding tourists with out-of-date and occasionally irrelevant advice about how to behave during this time, this blog simply reflects on the Thailand the author is seeing and experiencing right now as a tourist — quiet yet busy clubs, mannequins in morning and the obvious challenges facing the entertainment industry during the mourning period.

Mini Bangkok photography lesson

Nicrulez teaches us how to shoot light trails in our photos in this latest blog. This technique is perfect for the Bangkok streets and rivers thanks to the passage of traffic in the city. Some cracking photos here to illustrate.

Forum Threads

A broken heart in Bangkok

This is quite a sweet post on Thaivisa forum, written by a man based in Hong Kong and his endeavours to woo a Thai woman online and then, in one frankly desperate weekend, in person. This is the age-old tale of love and woe in Bangkok. Man meets woman online, sends her flowers and somehow falls in love with her sweet, outward-facing, online persona. He flies out for a weekend at a not insignificant expense and ends up disappointed — his sweet online unicorn is nought but a cell phone obsessed ice queen in person.

Some amusing and hard-nosed replies to savour too.

Why do you choose to live in Thailand?

This is an interesting (and long!) discussion on why expats originally chose to move to Thailand and — more intriguingly — why they continue to stay here. Lots of same-old stuff here, but some fascinating reflections on working in Thailand, and why so many of us come for a year, stay for a small lifetime.




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time, Bangkok!



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