From Saying ‘No’ To Bar Girls To Why Thai People Don’t Follow The Rules

What a week.

Thailand’s been living life large this week, what with the constitution signed, an iPhone held for ransom, a new rule regarding seatbelts and people in the back of pick-ups, the opening of a library (which promptly announced its closure for 3 weeks), and — the biggest news of them all — the confirmation that the Durian Kit Kat is coming.

Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…


Will Thailand be affected by Trump’s new trade policy?

Major news from the US this week as President Trump announced an investigation into America’s trade imbalance that would focus on 16 countries, including Thailand. According to the Nation, the report will focus on “dumping of products below cost, unfair subsidies, “misaligned” currencies and “non-reciprocal” trade practices by other countries”. The world watches…

Video emerges of drunk minivan driver causes head-on fatal crash with motorbike

A pretty horrendous (read: graphic) dashcam video emerged this week of a fatal traffic crash in Rayong, which saw a minivan cross into oncoming traffic and hit a motorbike head-on. The driver and passenger of the motorbike were apparently killed instantly while 3 others were injured. It’s reported that the minivan driver was drunk at the time.

Bomb explodes in Bangkok, injuring 2

Thankfully less fatal although perhaps more alarming, a small bomb exploded in Ratchadamnoen Avenue in Bangkok on Wednesday night — the day before Thailand’s new constitution was signed and the eve of Chakri Day. Two people were injured, although their injuries are thought to be minor.


Why don’t Thai people follow the rules?

If you’ve ever got annoyed at being cut in line by a Thai at 7-Eleven, this blog post may strike a chord with you. Citing a few anecdotal examples of where the author has seen Thais not follow instructions for parking and correct queueing etiquette, he concludes that Thais don’t follow these rules because there is no danger of enforcement. No comment…

An introvert in Bangkok

For those of us that prefer quiet and tranquil solitude, Bangkok as a place to visit or live can seem a little counterintuitive. This blog from Plan Save Travel, however, is a great look at how to make the most of the city as an introvert and how to find your own peace in the chaos. We definitely agree with the author’s statement that, “the streets are noisy and the people never really care”. This mai pen rai attitude is intoxicating, regardless of your own sensibilities, even if it might occasionally result in people not following the rules as per the blog above!

Everything you need to know about Thai iced tea

Ah, Thai iced tea. That most sickliest of sweet drinks. If your tastebuds have been captured by the refreshing zing of that lurid orange liquid, you may find some interest here: from the history of the drink to its preparation and how important it actually is to Thai culinary culture.

Forum Thread

How difficult is it for Thais to travel outside of Asia?

For any expats who moan about procuring Thai visas, this Reddit thread will likely be an education in how easy most Westerners have it compared to Thais who want to travel abroad — especially to the US and Europe. Many Redditors exchange tales of their own and loved ones experiences, which often add up to be expensive, time consuming and a bit of a gamble. Getting rejected for visas is certainly not a rare occurrence.

It’s so hard to say no to bar girls

In the latest round of WTF Thaivisa posts, we couldn’t help chuckling at this one — an “older and married” man, by his own admission, moaning about how hard it is to say ‘no’ to beautiful bar girls who proposition him “when they pull there tops up to attract you to see a gorgeous sight”.

Sure. Just say no, mate. Think of your wife!

We’re trying not to think about how many happily married men in Thailand are spending their time in massage parlours and bars with flashing women propositioning them. If you can’t stand the heat…




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit. See you next time!


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