From The Mother-In-Law From Hell To Tourists Drowning Off Koh Phangan

It’s been another busy week in the Bangkok headlines – we’ve seen protesting monks, an apparent meltdown by Nok Air and Suvarnabhumi airport under fire from the International Air Transport Association for its “inadequate capacity and substandard taxiways.”

Good job that Nok Air don’t fly from Suvarnabhumi, we suppose.

But even away from the airports and monasteries, there’s been plenty of high jinks across Sukhumvit and Bangkok to keep the city’s residents busy.

The best news of the week?

It’s got to go the successful efforts of the Thai government and the Wildlife Conservation Society to increase the Kingdom’s population of tigers.

Let’s have a look at the week of Sukhumvit and beyond across news, views, blogs and social media.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs issue new Media Visa guidelines

The new guidelines surrounding the issuance of media visas to foreign journalists have caused a fair amount of consternation through Bangkok’s hack circles. The FCCT issued the above statement in relation to the new guidelines, describing the denial of visa applications of long-standing journalists “deeply discouraging.” The main groups thought to be affected are photographers and freelancers.

Nok Air cancels an additional 20 flights

After a strike last weekend regarding the airline’s decision to stop some pilots holding executive positions at the company in a bid to meet European Aviation Safety Agency regulations, yet more Nok Air flights have been cancelled. 23 flights on Tuesday, all domestic Thailand, have been cancelled. Affected passengers have reportedly already been informed.

Two separate tourist drownings on Koh Phangan

This week saw the deaths of a 47-year old German tourist who drowned in high waves off Thong Nai Phan beach, and a 34-year old Chinese man in similarly rough seas near Sam Bay. These tragedies will hopefully highlight to tourists that they cannot come to Thailand expecting paradise and fail to take personal care of themselves. If there are red flags, rough seas or high waves, stay out of the water. Not only are you putting your own life at risk, but also the lives of those who may try to rescue you.


Observations from a backstreet Bangkok hostel

A great little blog on the joys of people watching in Bangkok and an insight into the author’s views of “same same but different”. From a possible prostitute and the middle-aged man trying and failing to pick her up, to the well-dressed tailor salesman and the bored travel agent.

Rethinking the father-son relationship while diving in Thailand

This NY Times narrative explores the evolution of the father-son relationship of the author and his newly graduated son as they take a scuba trip in the Similans. It’s a personal and touching story, accompanied by some great shots of marine life.

50 of Bangkok’s best meals

This excerpt from Conde Nast Traveller is an incredibly comprehensive guide to Bangkok’s brilliant restaurant scene, focusing on both local food and international delights. We’re pleased to see some of our favourite Sukhumvit haunts have made the list – we’re looking at you, Soul Food Mahanakorn, Supanniga, SMITH, Enoteca, Appia, Quince, Roast, Isao, SIMPLE, Little Beast and Daniel Thaiger!

Cards Against Bangkokians

A light tangent here from the Bangkok Post in which they dream up Bangkok style scenarios for the infamous party game, Cards Against Humanity.

Our favourite imagined scenario:

cards against bangkokians bangkok post

From The Bangkok Post

Forum Discussions

What was the visa situation like in Thailand back in the day?

Reddit users reminisce Thaivisa style on the ease of which Thai tourist visas were acquired back 20, 30 years ago. Shady agencies, passport-only border runs and unlimited visa-exempt stamps are all brought back with nostalgic sighs as others contemplate the future of tougher regulations and the prospect of very expensive solutions.

Why won’t my girlfriend’s mother let her leave Thailand?

A Thaivisa user wants to take his young Thai girlfriend to the US to meet his family but her mother has forbidden her to leave the Kingdom – supposedly on advice she received at a temple. This typically long thread questions every aspect of the user’s predicament, from whether it is simply the girlfriend herself unwilling to leave right down to the pesky mother-in-law just hoping to get her hands on some juicy sinsod.


เตรียมตัวให้พร้อม…แล้วพบกับ BOUNCE @ ดิ เอ็ม ดิสทริค !The EM District…here we come !#BounceThailand #Comingsoon #2ndVenue #TheEMDistrict

Posted by Bounce Thailand on Thursday, 18 February 2016

It’s not always rosy in Bangkok…


Black pigeons spotted in #Bangkok. Pollution or an uncommon type?


That’s been the Week On Sukhumvit. See you next time!


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