From ‎70 Million Baht Of Crystal Meth To A Banned Gay Film

Although most of the world has been preoccupied by the Christmas festivities, Thailand has firmly shackled itself to the international news cycle over the past week with the controversial death sentences handed down to two Burmese for the brutal murders on Koh Tao last year.

Bangkok’s been pretty busy too: drug arrests, court rulings against a gay film, and expat bickering over the best fish and chips in the city.

Here’s our roundup of the week on Sukhumvit from around the web.


‎฿70 million of crystal meth seized in drug arrests

In a crackdown before the New Year party season kicks off, the police made significant arrests in Bangkok and Nakhon Phanom of three men caught up in drug trafficking networks. Almost ‎฿70 million worth of ya ice (crystal meth) was seized in the raids and the police are extending the operation in a bid to catch the gang members at the heart of the problem.

Useful analysis of the Bangkok bombing case

If the constant bombardment of contradictory and confusing news stories regarding the August bombing at the Ratchaprasong intersection has left you bewildered, check out this useful Forbes’ round-up of the case, including background on the Uyghur, and the – at times – frustrating nature of the police and political response.

Turns out Thailand isn’t so keen on films showing gay porn

Gay-themed film Insects In The Backyard was banned in 2010 thanks to the inclusion of a short excerpt of a graphic gay porn scene which the film’s characters are watching.  The Administrative Court this week agreed that the film as it currently stands would have a negative impact on morality, although said it could be screened if the offending 3-second clip was removed.

Forum discussions

Where to find the best fish and chips in Bangkok?

ThaiVisa users have been pondering the great profundities of the universe in this latest 3-page thread. Various establishments have been proposed although you’ll have to follow it to work out the latest frontrunners. One of the best comments comes in a doubtful post on the quality of the Fish and Ship on Sukhumvit 23:

best fish and chips in bangkok

Fair enough.

Ticking off the Bangkok bucket list

This Reddit discussion holds a host of great ideas submitted by users for interesting things to do right here in the city. For anyone who berates Bangkok for a supposed lack of culture, see how you feel once you’ve ticked off everything on this list.

Epicurean pleasures

The evolution of Bangkok’s party scene

Secret addresses, extravagant themed interiors, live music and gay parties have transformed 2015’s party scene and seen nightlife take off in all corners of the city. Friday nights don’t just mean Soi 11 or Thonglor anymore…

Sukhumvit’s best seafood restaurant?

Food blogger Eating Thai Food walks us through a dinner at Seang Chai Pochana on Soi 32. Click for the bait-worthy headline, stay for the drool-inducing photos. Can anyone say #FoodPorn?

best seafood on sukhumvit

New opening

Well Hotel 

This is the latest hotel to open its doors on Sukhumvit, just in time for New Year’s Eve. Situated on Soi 20, the Well Hotel is an art deco- inspired establishment, complete with a cafe, spa and outdoor salt swimming pool. They’ve got a slew of introductory offers to celebrate their opening.




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That was The Week On Sukhumvit – see you next time!


Featured image is a still from Insects In The Backyard (2010)



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