From The Lies Foreigners In Thailand Tell Themselves To Creepy Men On Facebook

Well, the rain dances appear to have worked. Bangkok has had a few glorious patches of storm over the past week – a welcome relief from the humidity (although never good for that blow-dry).

What’cha gonna do?

In other, more interesting, news, a woman in Chiang Mai was arrested on sedition charges for posing with a red bowl, the personal details of many expats living in Southern Thailand were leaked online, and ‘attitude adjustment camps’ were introduced for hard line critics of Thailand’s political regime.

Tragically, the body of Frenchman Jean-François Louet was found in Surat Thani province after he had been missing for over two weeks, and a young Finnish woman was found dead after falling from a Phuket hotel. RIP.

As always though, there’s been plenty more occupying the Bangkok zeitgeist. Let’s have a look at what else has been lighting up the news desks, blogosphere and social media this week…


Taxi driver scams at the next level with ‎฿6,000 Suvarnabhumi to Sathorn fare

A cab driver had his licence revoked and was fined ‎฿3,000 after charging a Swiss couple ‎฿6,000 for a journey from Suvarnabhumi airport to Sathorn – something that would usually be in the region of ‎฿400 (ish) on the meter.

We don’t like to victim blame at What’s On Sukhumvit but the sheer outrageousness of Scammy McScammerson’s price hike is almost impressive. And he would have gotten away with it if it hadn’t have been for those meddling kids at the Department of Land Transport…

News at 11: men are creepy on Facebook

Mo, a 20-year old looking for nanny work in Thailand, was caught off guard this week when her picture was innocently uploaded to an employment agency’s Facebook page in a bid to find her work, only for it to be hijacked by creepy men enamoured with her looks.

Her photo has over 2,500 comments, many of them bordering on the dishonourable, while some pose the pertinent question of whether these men would appreciate their mother, sister or daughter being similarly propositioned while innocently looking for a job online.

Motorbikes banned from flyovers and underpasses for 90 days

As of Thursday, motorbikes were banned from using flyovers and underpasses for 90 days (why not for longer?) in a bid to regulate the vehicles and reduce road deaths. Fines for miscreants will range between ฿500 and ฿1,000.


Brit girls try not to get scammed in Bangkok

A couple of British bloggers talk through their experiences at the hands of scam-artists in Bangkok, some of which are legit – being purposefully shortchanged on Khao San Road – while some just seem a little stingy on their behalf– begrudging the ‎฿50 airport fee at the airport taxi rank, for instance.

Maybe choose the Airport Rail Link next time, girls!

How being shipwrecked in Indonesia affected one girl

A female travel blogger recounts her memories of a shipwreck she experienced 5 years ago when travelling to Komodo Island in Indonesia, and what it’s taught her. Of particular interest is the part where she discusses the minefield of crowdfunding – she successfully raised money following the incident to buy back the essentials she lost and had stolen during the shipwreck – and when it should be considered OK to ask people for money.

An interesting insight into the ethics of asking for donations, especially in the current context where the internet seems saturated with funding websites and less-than-legitimate charity cases.

The legends behind Bangkok’s temples

Exploring the myths, legends and heritage behind some of Bangkok’s most famous temples.

For instance, did you know that Wat Arun is a cultural representation of Mount Meru – the centre of the world, according to Tibetan Buddhist cosmology?

Forum Discussions

Why are apartments so expensive in Bangkok?

This Reddit thread explores the paradoxical housing situation in Bangkok and the question of why apartment prices in the city are high in comparison to low local wages. The concept of a bubble is discussed, the power of brands in Asia, sticky pricing and, of course, supply and demand. Lots of interesting insights and perspectives.

What are the biggest lies foreigners in Thailand tell themselves?

Predictably concerned with the lies perpetuated by the bar girl scene in Thailand, this Thaivisa thread is full of a few funny tidbits presumably believed by many of the more delusional foreigners chasing lost dreams and extravagant hopes over here.

A few favourites:

  • That’s her brother
  • Maybe I really am a hansum man
  • Thai women love being with older, farang men
  • I rejected Western women, and not vice versa

Anything else worth adding to the list?


Surprisingly rare breed of engaging travel vlogger…



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Well, that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit – see you next time!

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