From Are Thai People Racist Towards Indians To Thailand’s Best Kept Secret

Happy Sunday, Bangkok!

It’s been a tense week of waiting with all the world’s eyes on Thailand after the football team were finally found in Tham Luang cave complex — and now the difficult work of getting them out of the cave begins. One diver has tragically died in the rescue effort — hopefully his death will be the only one.

Phuket has also seen tragedy this week after a tourist boat sank in stormy waters. The death toll currently stands at 41.

In lighter Thailand-related news, however, British comedian David Walliams received this charming note from a Thai fan:

Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Cave rescue latest: boys learning how to swim and dive

Monday evening came the incredible news that the 12 boys and soccer coach trapped in Tham Luang Nang Non cave in Chiang Rai had been found by some expert English cave divers. Of course, now comes the challenge of actually getting them out — especially hard when the boys are weak swimmers and the cave terrain, current and water levels demand technical diving skills.

Currently, the boys are being taught to swim and dive, practicing with dive masks, but the authorities are busy trying to locate alternative, less risky routes to extract the boys from the cave. They are being supplied with food and medicines — vital considering their weakened state.

Jealous wife cuts off husband’s penis after affairs

A harrowing tale from Sri Racha this week where a jealous wife cut off her husband’s penis after growing frustrated with his affairs. The wife, a 24-year old from Cambodia, at first refused to tell the attending emergency services where she’d stowed the severed penis — and by the time she did, it was too late for it to be reattached. The husband is recovering in hospital while the wife has naturally been arrested.

Hell hath no fury…

Medical marijuana launching in Thailand April 2019

Next April will see the availability of medical marijuana in Thailand, it was announced this week.

This follows a wide variety of international studies, as well as studies conducted inside the Kingdom, that found marijuana to be useful in treating children’s epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and side effects like nausea and appetite loss for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy.


If you moan about Thai people, maybe the problem rests with you

If you scroll down through any of the Thailand expat forums (*cough* Thaivisa *cough*), you’ll see a whole load of rants about Thai people — from girlfriends, wives and in-laws, to service persons, people walking in front of you and just about anyone. For many expats, moaning about Thais qualifies as a hobby.

But we’re inclined to agree with the author of this blog — the problem doesn’t actually rest with the Thai people, but rather the individual moaner and their own response to the people around them. Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re inclined to moan whenever we perceive something as annoying or simply not up to our standards. Is that the Thai subject’s fault though? No, of course not — it’s our fault for bringing across our Western values and expectations to Thailand, and assuming that everyone else will abide by them as well.

We’re all responsible for our own emotions, reactions and state of mind. If you can’t manage yourself, that’s not the fault of the Thai person pissing you off — it’s yours.

A Yorkshireman explores Bangkok 

A very well written travel blog here on one man’s trip to Bangkok — the last being back in 1999, the changes in the city are almost monumental. There’s nothing particularly mind blowing or even new in this nevertheless insightful post, but this Yorkshireman really manages to capture the frenetic excitement of Bangkok as seen through a tourist’s eyes.

Forum Threads

Are Thai people racist towards Indians?

An interesting thread on Reddit here about an oft-discussed issue: are Thai people racist towards Indians?

While it’s a widely accepted phenomenon that groups of Indian men are sometimes refused entry to certain clubs and bars in the Sukhumvit area, many of the Western expats who believe that Thai-Indian racism is alive and well tend to forget that there is a very large and well-settled Indian population in the city who have assimilated very well.

There are lots of differing viewpoints in this thread, but the major piece of advice for the original (Indian) poster seems to be that he won’t have much trouble so long as he’s polite, well groomed and not cheap — good advice for any tourist, regardless of nationality.




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