From The Cheapest ‘Western’ City In Thailand To Some Pretty Grubby Backpackers

After a week of heavy rain and flooding — sorry, I mean a week of waiting for water to drain — we’ve finally had some let-up over this weekend.

Happy Sunday, Bangkok, and here’s to the end of another great week.

While the rest of the world works themselves up into a frenzy over Brexit, life has seemed comparatively calm in Thailand over the last couple of days.

Sure, there’s been rats nibbling on donuts in Soi 33’s Tops Market, a high-profile visit by Aung San Suu Syi, and the news that Thailand will soon be getting durian-flavoured condoms, but otherwise it’s been pretty low-key.

Let’s take a look at what else has been occupying Thailand this week — here’s the best of the week’s news, views, videos and social media updates.


Driver who killed 9 admits breaching her parole obligations

One of Thailand’s most contentious cases — where teenage, unlicenced driver ‘Praewa’ killed 9 people on the Don Mueang expressway six years ago, only to receive 138 hours of community service as punishment — has just got even more attention. The now-22 year old has admitted breaching the conditions of her probation and has requested to re-do her community service.

Backpackers reach new level of crazy, swim in dirty flood water

What’s better than partying on Khao San Road? Swimming in the dirty flood water on Khao San Road, apparently.

We’re not sure how much NOx must have been ingested to think that was a good idea…

Seriously guys; ew.

The Thai air force’s first 5 women are now in training

Thailand’s Royal Air Force have recently accepted their first ever female pilots and the five of them began their military training this week. This will last for a year at the Wing 6 Air Force HQ, after which they’ll be flying transport aircraft and choppers.


A guide to street art in Phuket Town

Phuket Town has seen an emergence of street art in the past year, including from the indomitable Alex Face. Jamie Monk, Phuket aficionado, walks us through the town’s most colourful images, accompanied by some great photos. Anyone from the UK might recognise some artistic reflections of Bristol — acclaimed graffiti artist Banksy’s home town.

Truthful taglines for places in Bangkok

The Bangkok Post get a little witty this week, providing sharp and honest taglines to some of the businesses and locations in this fine city. A few of our favourites:

  • Soi Cowboy: Girl, boy, ladyboy; you’ll be riding something here
  • Rocket: Hot Swedes inside
  • Cheap Charlie’s: Every expat you know, all in one place

Why farangs should be thanked for improving the human race

In one of the most WTF articles we’ve read for a while, a writer for Inspire Pattaya tries to convince us that luk khrueng children — awkwardly referred to here as ‘mongrel’ — are much better than their, ahem, ‘pedigree’ Thai counterparts, thanks to receiving the best characteristics of both their Thai and Western parents. Quite a bizarre essay on the whole, complete with nauseating pride at the writer’s own children.

Forum Discussions

Should foreigners living in Thailand be required to learn Thai?

This thread discusses quite a hot topic — if the UK requires immigrants to its shores to learn English, should those same Brits moving to Thailand make the effort to learn Thai? An interesting discussion about the value of language learning and the frank practicalities of its application.

Where is the cheapest ‘Westernised’ city in Thailand?

Concerned with living costs and requiring “decent western infrastructure and a good level of English,” this poster wants to know where the most suitable Thai city is for his needs. He’s semi-settled on Pattaya — after all, that’s where all the Russians go, right?! Replies are quick to comment that a horde of Russian families does not a great city make.

A blistering assessment of dear Pattz:




Interesting discussion on racism in Thailand from around 3 minutes in…




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That’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!


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