Durian Flavoured Condoms Are Coming To Thailand

If there’s one thing guaranteed to get your pulse racing in the throes of passion, it’s the introduction of a durian-flavoured latex sock into proceedings.

It’s not enough to smell that pungent whiff of the king of fruits in our streets; we want it in our bedrooms too. And specifically, on our penises, acting as a prophylactic.

Maybe not.

And yet, in this latest case of ‘Thailand Only’ news, this is apparently exactly what we’re getting. The China Press report (via The Jakarta Post) that an unnamed condom manufacturer based in Bangkok is planning on introducing durian-flavoured condoms into its roster.

Production has reportedly already started and the company are expecting their new product line to be a veritable, ahem, smash among the Asian demographic.

With the little we know right now, we’re unconvinced. Will they be smelly? God forbid, will they be spiky?

And will they be banned in hotels and airports across Asia?

This isn’t the first time that condom manufacturers have experimented with somewhat quirky flavors.

J&D’s produce bacon condoms — equipped with bacon lubricant — for the princely sum of $9.99. Sadly, they’re out of stock right now.

What about the progressive Brazilian World Cup condoms, flavoured like a Caipirinha and designed to look like a ripening banana?

Just look at it:

That’s not including the more common quirky designs: glow-in-the-dark (for those who want to pretend their penis is a lightsaber); whisky, cannabis, garlic, coffee, nutella and pumpkin spice flavours; as well as menthol flavour from Jex Condoms (why?) and — arguably the worst of all — South African sausage flavour from Durex.

We can’t wait for Thailand’s durian flavour to join the loft ranks of the world’s weirdest condoms.


Featured image is by مانفی (Used under Creative Commons)



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