From Having Kids With A Thai Partner To Finding A Girlfriend When You’re Retired

Welcome to Sunday, Bangkok!

It’s been a wet and busy week in Bangkok — most importantly, a bomb exploded in Phramongkutklao hospital, which although overshadowed by the tragic incident in Manchester, saw around 20 people injured.

And, of course, it’s been raining. A lot.

So much, in fact, that the soi dogs have been gambolling around in the floodwater, apparently having the time of their lives.

Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…


Southern insurgents ruled out in Bangkok hospital bombing

Monday saw a bomb explosion at Phramongkutklao hospital in Bangkok, but the police have ruled out the insurgents in the Deep South as the perpetrators, claiming that the incident did not fit their usual MO. This is despite the apparent arrival of an anonymous letter at the doors of the authorities a few days before the blast, which said the BRN (Barisan Revolusi Nasional — the militant insurgent group in the south) would attack a hospital.

Bargirl’s body found cut in half in Khon Kaen

The body of a dead bargirl was discovered cut in half at the waist and concealed in plastic buckets in a village in Khon Kaen province this week. The bargirl in question was 23-year old Warisa Glinjui, and her body was found by farmers.

Spartan race is coming to Thailand

One of the world’s favourite obstacle course races — Spartan Race — is heading to Thailand this September. It will be held at Siam Country Club in Chonburi on 9 September, and there will be four different categories to enter: the Elite Sprint being the most competitive. There’s also a Spartan Junior race for kids under 14. Get prepared to get muddy.


A day out in Suphanburi

A witty and charming travel blog from Bangkok Phil of the Ajarn blog, of a day out with his Thai family in Suphanburi — a 90 minute drive from Bangkok.

Despite being advised, “There’s nothing to do there… it’s shit,” by the frank Khun Lee, it’s clear that Suphanburi has a lot to offer — even beyond what’s recommended on TripAdvisor. The Dragon Shrine and Farmers Learning Centre have been added to our bucket list.

Chartering a catamaran around the Andaman Sea

Another brilliantly detailed and entertaining blog that describes the author’s adventures on a 7-day charter catamaran adventure in the Andaman, along with 4 other intrepid sailors. As well as some great photos and descriptions of the journey, there’s some Thai sea folklore sprinkled in there for added interest, such as why longtail boats will pass across your bows instead of in your wake.

The criminal past of Koh Tarutao

A fascinating study on the nefarious past of beautiful Tarutao in Satun — most notably how it was a penal colony, not long ago, for ‘hardened criminals’ and political prisoners. It’s accompanied by some beautiful photos of this mostly abandoned paradise.

Chinatown photo diary

We love this postcard collection of photos from the Once Over Lightly blog on Bangkok’s Chinatown. Some beautiful snaps of this unique part of town.

Forum Threads

How to choose a Thai girlfriend as a retiree

Thaivisa are pondering that eternal question this week: what’s the best Thai girl for you when you hit retirement age? Obviously, not a woman your own age. The original poster is complaining that he wants a woman with a bit of gumption, educational background and good command of English, but all those with ‘good’ jobs work long hours. Crazy! Who knew that this type of woman would be committed to her career! Lots of sterling advice here, as expected, including telling the poster to, er, ‘rent’ his preferred companion, find a nurse so you can be sure you’ll be cared for in your old age, and this cracker:

thaivisa forum

And they say romance is dead.

What’s your experience having kids with a Thai partner?

An interesting Reddit thread here on what it’s like to have children with a Thai partner while living in Thailand. Some good advice — particularly on schooling and language learning — as well as the usual horror and good news stories of other people’s experiences. Must read for any parents to be over here.





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