From Whether Bangkok’s Nightlife Will Ever Be The Same To Missing Life As A Teacher In Thailand

Sunday again, Bangkok!

After a pretty epic storm last night, we’re hoping that today is a little smoother weather wise.

Bangkok Last Night

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This week has seen the usual shenanigans in Thailand — solving the mystery of the dismembered bar girl in Khon Kaen and the somewhat optimistic promise from the PM that the mass of tangled wires that overhang our streets will be reinstalled underground by 2021.

Will Bangkok ever look the same again?

Here’s what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkokians this week…


British journalist arrested at BKK for carrying body armour

This is the story of Anthony Cheng, a British journalist, who was arrested at Suvarnabhumi airport this week as he tried to carry body armour on a flight to Iraq. This protective gear — specifically a gas mask and bullet-proof vest — is classified as a military weapon in Thailand and requires a licence to possess, despite the fact that Cheng was carrying the articles out of the country to use in Mosul, an arena of conflict. He has been released on bail.

iPhone killers given death sentence

January this year saw the horrific murder of Wasin Luangjaem, who was apparently stabbed to the death by Kittikorn Wiphana and Supatchai Chansi, both in their 20s, over his iPhone. The incident was captured on CCTV footage in Lat Phrao. The two men were handed death sentences this week despite pleading guilty.

Thai woman diagnosed with HIV as a child finally told she was misdiagnosed

20 year old Suthida Saengsumat was diagnosed as HIV positive when she 8 years old, but was this week retested at the Thai Red Cross Aids Research Centre and discovered to be HIV negative. Suthida has spoken of the discrimination she has faced since her misdiagnosis, her missed education,, and the years she had been mistakenly taking antiretroviral medication.

Her suspicions were raised about her status when she married and had a child five years ago — despite using contraception — who was born HIV-negative. After taking herself for a test which showed she was also HIV-negative, she stopped taking the medication although remained concerned about her health. Hopefully this latest test has set her mind at rest.


I miss working as a teacher in Thailand

Not so much of a blog as a question and answer session with a former teacher in Thailand who recently moved back to the UK to look after his parents. Trevor talks about his experiences as a teacher in Khorat and why he would return tomorrow if he was able to. Sobering reading for anyone considering a move ‘back home’.

Life on Koh Tao

A personal, meandering little piece from the Midnight Blue Elephant blog about what her life as a writer looks like on the beautiful island of Koh Tao — cats, romantic rendezvous, and not being that excited about a visa run to Kuala Lumpur (we’ve all been there). A pleasant read for anyone considering a slice of island life.

11 of Thailand’s best spots for wildlife and nature

Animal and nature lovers will enjoy this listicle by Wanderlust on where best to spot Thailand’s beautiful flora and fauna. From some of the country’s best national parks — Khao Yai and Khao Sok — to specialist sanctuaries — the Gibbon Rehabilitation Center and Elephant Haven, for instance.

Forum Threads

Will Bangkok’s nightlife ever be the same again?

This is a Reddit thread in response to a number of articles published this week that have highlighted the Thai junta’s efforts to clamp down on closing times in popular nightlife zones across the city — in particular, Thonglor and Khaosan. Discussions abound about Bangkok becoming the new Singapore, the impact of politics on nightlife and whether Bangkok is starting to ‘fade’. Or, is this just another initiative that will shortly fall by the wayside?




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