From A Tuk-Tuk Scam To A Jealous Thai Girlfriend

Once again, the Thailand news desks have been in overdrive this week what with mafia crackdowns announced on the islands, a report into alleged tiger trafficking in Kanchanaburi and a judge that can’t stop throwing tantrums.

Tragically, the week also saw the death of actor Tridsadee “Por” Sahawong from complications arising from Dengue Fever. Cases of the mosquito-borne disease reached fever pitch as the number of diagnoses quadrupled in one week.

Let’s take a look at the best of the week’s news, views, videos and social media updates.


National Geographic accuses Thai monastery of trafficking tigers

Rumours of black market trade and abuse at Kanchanaburi’s Tiger Temple have been circulating around animal rights groups for years. A National Geographic report this week investigates the mysterious disappearance of three of the temple’s adult tigers with damning conclusions.

All foreign tourists to pay $10 to enter Thailand?

The governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand has suggested a US$10 fee for every foreign tourist as they enter the Kingdom. The estimated ฿10.8 billion windfall from the measure would apparently be used to maintain and improve tourist attractions in every province.

Chinese human rights activist vanishes in Thailand

Former communist and human rights activist Li Xin has disappeared after leaving Thailand for Laos, according to his wife. Fellow activists fear he may have been arrested. Li had hoped to seek political asylum in the Kingdom upon his return from Laos.


10 things you may not want to know about the new constitution

A speculative piece by Pravit Rojanaphruk on the ins and outs of the Thai constitution currently being drafted.

Learnings after 6 months in Bangkok

Life’s Tidbits recounts all that they’ve learned during their first six months in Thailand.

Exploring Khlong Toei and Chinatown markets

Bleh Loves Food explores the various stalls of Bangkok’s most interesting markets – featuring some morbidly fascinating photos of raw meat and offal on display. Veggies… look away now.

Forum discussions

Thaivisa user asks, “Am I being a dick to my Thai girlfriend?”. Answer, a resounding “yes.”

40 year old American is travelling back to the US to visit friends and family shortly and plans to stay with his ex-girlfriend in her “1.2 mil condo her plastic surgeon boyfriend bought her” during his time there. His 23 year old Thai girlfriend (Ed: a notoriously rational and reasonable demographic) is upset at his decision. His response?

thai girlfriend

Can’t wait to hear how this one ends…


Watch a tuk-tuk scam happen in real time from British vlogger Nishi V. The action starts from 5:25.



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And finally, a somewhat visually compelling haircut…



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