From Paying Sin Sod To Why Bangkok Is Better The Second Time Around

We think just one word is sufficient to describe Bangkok this week: hot. Or, rather, HOT.

So hot, in fact, that we’ve taken on a less-than-attractive hue of ‘tomato red’ and are seemingly permanently damp with sweat. Bangkok – you’ve turned us into a hot mess. Bring on the rains!

It’s definitely the wrong time of year for the air-conditioner to break down…

In other news, there was a small explosion at Hua Lamphong station this week, caused by a man stubbing out his cigarette in a cough syrup bottle. Two people were mildly injured. He’ll be adding Mentos to a bottle of Coke at Bang Na BTS next…

There’s been more scuffles surrounding GrabBike drivers and the motorsais toiling day in and day out, and a very curious story involving an American expat wishing to recreate the scenes of 9/11 in the Thai countryside. He just needs ฿10 million to make it happen. Of course.

Here’s the best of the weeks news, blogs, videos and social media updates.


Shoot-out at KFC

Two men were injured in a Samut Prakan branch of KFC on Friday morning after a man entered the restaurant with a baseball bat and a gun, shooting at them. He escaped immediately on a motorbike. Are food bloggers finally at war?

Silom night market is no more

The famous Silom Road night market is the next market spot to be cleared up by the government as 600 vendors have been given notice to clear out by the end of the month. As well as blocking the pavement, causing traffic and selling illegal goods, it’s been claimed that their dumping of waste into the street’s sewers are making the Silom area look and smell dirty.

Cats have taken over 7-Eleven

So, this ‘news’ story is essentially a compendium of cat photos inside various 7-Eleven branches. We’ve included it here thanks to the pithy headline – ‘Meow Mafia’ – and, you know, we really like pictures of cats.


Cycling the khlongs of unseen Bangkok

Cycling in Bangkok doesn’t have to be a dangerous duel with the traffic – this blog takes us around the cycle paths along Bangkok’s canals, through the communities that live there, through the Mom and Pop shops and by the street food stalls. There are some caveats – the routes can be treacherous, with elevated, narrow pathways and no safety rails. Be careful, because those khlongs look pretty stinky! Some great storytelling here.

Why I loved Bangkok the second time around

Many tourists on their first visit to Bangkok can get a little overwhelmed – perhaps they fall foul of a scam, or only end up spending their time in MBK and Khao San Road. This blog explores why the city is much better the second time around; once you’ve got used to the transport system, know where you want to go and perhaps have a little bit of Thai on you so you can avoid getting ripped off.

Beautiful photos of Thailand

This photo diary is a beautiful compendium of this one blogging couple’s journey around Thailand – from Bangkok to Samui to Khao Sok to Krabi to Koh Lipe to Chiang Mai. Luscious.

Forum Discussions

Thailand is awesome!

Expecting a discussion heavily laced with cynicism, we were pleasantly surprised by this Reddit thread, which simply celebrates the wonders of Thailand. It’s easy to get caught up in bad news over here, but important to not take for granted the things that are so wonderful about this country.

How much sin sod did you pay?

An interesting exploration here of how much the western men of the Thaivisa forum forked out in sin sod (the traditional Thai dowry paid to the bride’s parents) when they married their Thai brides. Some are proud of paying nothing and not giving into the pressures of an arguably outdated tradition while others simply paid enough so as not to empty their wallets but to still rightfully honour their bride’s family. There are a few horror stories here, including unceremonious dumpings by the bride-to-be when some men point blank refused to pay.

Our favourite tidbit:

sin sod thailand

What do Thai women look for in Western men?

We’ve got one more forum discussion this week and it’s a gem – western men discussing what they think it is Thai women are looking for in a foreign boyfriend. Never mind the fact that Thai women are an incredibly diverse set of people with hugely differing wants and needs from a relationship. There’s quite a lot of humour here, but also the airing of some quite depressing views, for instance:

what do thai women want in a man

AKA: I have bought myself a servant.





That’s been the Week On Sukhumvit – see you next time!


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