From The Worst Thailand Holidays In 2016 To What Not To Eat In Bangkok

It’s that time of the year again, Bangkokians — Merry Christmas!

We’re sure you’re far too busy right now getting busy with various roasted birds, but just in case you fancy catching up on what’s been going on during the last 7 days in Thailand, here’s The Week On Sukhumvit in a Christmas-Lite edition.

As well as a ‘booze buffet’ gone awry in Chaing Rai, Thailand’s been dealing with the unearthing of a Tramadol abuse epidemic among local teenagers and some pretty significant hacking following last week’s passing of a controversial amendment to the computer crime act.


Here’s what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…


Superstitious assistant village chief commits murder-suicide

In a shocking demonstration of the dangers of a strong belief in superstition, an assistant village chief in Ratchaburi this week shot his wife before turning the gun on himself, after he told family members that he believed he would die this month.

The man had apparently ordered a coffin in advance, and left behind two sons, aged 24 and 7.

Worst holidays ever: Thailand 2016 edition

Coconuts have compiled a list of the worst moments from foreigners on holiday in Thailand this year. They include the memorable ‘blowjob in Phi Phi’ pair, the Russian lady who wore a see-through dress to a temple, the American who performed ‘surprise oral sex’ on a Pattaya go-go girl and the tourists who swam down a sewage-flooded Khao San Road.

All of course rectified by a public wai session.

Truck driver on a meth high rampages through Ekkamai

This is the story of a truck driver, high on crystal meth, who rampaged through Ekkamai as he attempted to escape from the clutches of police. He eventually ran out of petrol, after which he tried to escape on foot, before being held down by members of the public. At least 26 vehicles were damaged.


Where to find the best coffee in Bangkok

A great experience-led blog on where to find some truly cracking coffee in old Bangers. Some old favourites in here, as well as a few ones we haven’t yet tried — looks like Sukhumvit 26 is where a lot of the bean action is at.

Our favourite coffee shop wasn’t mentioned although we’re sure the author would rate it highly alongside his picks if he tried it — Wonderwall on Sukhumvit 31.

Surviving Christmas in Thailand

A moderately strange and mildly racist blog here about attempting to throw a ‘traditional’ Christmas in Thailand, now that the author has children here and doesn’t want to avoid the Western festivities like he did previously. A classic Chrimbo romp. Or something.

Thai couple focus on food for wedding photoshoot

A wedding photoshoot with a difference: Thai couple Max and Mint decided to forgo the usual painfully posed photography sessions for their wedding and instead toured around their favourite Bangkok restaurant in their glad rags. Great fun and great photos.

Forum Threads

The absolute must-visit Bangkok restaurants

A redditor asks what restaurant can’t be missed if you’re in Bangkok for a single night and the replies certainly deliver. Recommendations vary from street stalls, Talad Rot Fai and Tawan Daeng on Rama 3 to more high end eateries like Nahm, Sirocco and Gaggan.

What’s the most hospitable thing a Thai has done for you?

As it’s the season of giving, Thaivisa members are discussing the hospitable nature of the Thais in this light and breezy post. From providing free accommodation and generous birthday presents to repairing vehicles for free and, er, taking care of their western husbands’ wallets.




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!



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