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Welcome to Sunday, Bangkok!

This week has seen us dropped slap bang in the middle of the hot season, with a smorgasbord of hell-like temperatures and gnashing thunderstorms for us to go about our business in.

Thailand has been in the news as well, thanks to a raided swingers party in Pattaya, a lady getting up close and personal with a durian fruit, and various celebrities summoned for questioning after it was revealed the supplements they were flogging on their social media pages were in fact just powdered milk.


Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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The Thai ‘sex holiday’ firms that target Westerners

Much attention this week has been paid to a video of a raid on a ‘swingers party’ at a Pattaya hotel, where a number of middle-aged foreigners, including a number of Australians, Brits and Americans, were literally caught with their trousers down (and towels around their heads) in the company of multiple Thai sex workers.

Since then, reporters have investigated ads for similar sex parties in Thailand, which promise a slew of prostitutes, ladyboys and even virgins (who knew there were any left!) for a 7-night stay. Packages, ahem, based in Pattaya and Phuket, start from around AU$1800 for the week for a ‘girlfriend experience’ up to over AU$5000 for a more comprehensive service.

‘Sexy’ durian model goes viral

In yet another instance of Thailand going too far, this week has seen the publication of some questionable photos that violate the sanctity of the Kingdom’s favourite fruit.

Thai model Phitchayamon ‘Lookchin’ Longthong was photographed in an array of compromising positions, wearing a ‘Yes Daddy’ t-shirt that isn’t quite big enough to cover her ample assets, getting a tad too turned on by a durian. That’s right, she’s molesting a durian. I mean… it isn’t even ripe.

The photos, posted on the Sexy Angel Facebook page have had a mixed response, with many claiming that it’s ruined their appetite for the upcoming durian season.

Thai man who tortured girlfriend on Facebook Live is arrested

25-year old Chaichana Sirichart was arrested this week in northern Bangkok after apparently holding his girlfriend hostage, then torturing and threatening to kill her on Facebook Live. Kuldara Yeesaman, his girlfriend of 4 months, was taken to hospital for urgent treatment following a stand-off between Chichana and police officers. The extent of her injuries is unknown, although viewers of the footage believed she’d had some fingers cut off, as well as a number of injuries to her head, face and body.

It’s been claimed that Chaichana believed Kuldara to be cheating on him, and that he had been taking drugs as he was stressed about his business. Other news outlets reported that he thought he was the ‘Joker’, the sadist antagonist of Batman.


Interactive Thailand travel map

For all those who love travelling within Thailand, check out these amazing interactive map of the Kingdom divided into provinces. You can select which you’ve visited, in order to get a run down of how many of the 76 you have still to go and your percentage score. A great resource for domestic travel!

The best beaches near Bangkok

Also on the travel theme is this blog post on Trip Savvy regarding where to go for a beach break near Bangkok — no flight required. Some great spots on this list, including Bang Saen and Koh Laan, as well as tourist favourites like Hua Hin and Koh Samet.

Buddha images: disrespectful or no problem?

An interesting feature here on one of the most controversial aspects of tourism in Thailand: is the ‘misuse’ of the Buddha image disrespectful and damaging, or nothing to worry about?

We’ve all seen the huge (and, apparently, very expensive) billboards advising against buying Buddha images and tattoos as we leave Suvarnabhumi airport, but despite campaigns like this, many tourists and foreigners still choose to adorn their bodies and homes with various style Buddhist memorabilia. Lots of different views are explored on the matter although the sentiment at the end from the senior monk seems most appropriate: “Buddha is not on a statue or anything else outside, it’s in my mind. Anything that happens outside my head, does not affect what happens inside.”


Forum Threads

Do locals joke about Farangs when speaking Thai?

This Reddit thread is directed at westerners who speak fluent Thai, asking them if they’ve noticed whether Thai people talk and joke about foreigners in their native language. The answer is a resounding ‘yes’, including discourse just pointing out that a foreigner is in the vicinity, right down to girls giggling about the assumed large size of one westerner’s manhood (his response: “Sorry, I already have wife”, cue: red faced women). The takeaway here is that, yes, Thai people talk about us amongst themselves — get over it!

What should you do if a Thai girl starts asking to borrow money?

A quintessential Thaivisa thread here regarding a man who has been chatting to a girl he met on a dating site for a few weeks, taken on one date, and who has now started asking for a few thousand baht in cash. The man graciously declined — to the lauding of Thaivisa members — and is yet to hear from her again.  The matter is discussed and apparently filed away under ‘very common behaviours’ in the Thailand dating scene. Other members clearly have plenty of experience with women asking for money, with others reaching out so far to say that women exhibit these gold-digging tendencies all over the world, not just in Thailand.

We’re unconvinced: in regions where women have independence and their own source of income, it would be rare to see such a transparent act of asking for money — even on Sugar Daddy ‘seeking arrangement’ style sites, it’s acknowledged that there’s a transaction to be made.




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