From Bangkok Style Chat-Up Lines To What You Would Miss About Thailand

Here we are on Sunday yet again. The first Sunday in June, no less. Without wishing to sound like the grumpy old farts we are, where has the time gone?!

It’s been a grim week for news in Thailand, due mainly to the horrendous coverage flowing out of Kanchanaburi’s Tiger Temple as over 100 of the wild animals were removed from the temple grounds.

In other news, this week marked the start of every new taxi driver being subject to a background check before being allowed a licence (we won’t ask about any drivers with dodgy backgrounds that are currently operating), and the somewhat rank revelation that some of the orange juice being sold on our streets contain faeces.

Yep, that’s right. Actual shit. In your morning OJ.

Anyway, onwards and upwards…

Here’s the best of the week’s news, views, videos and social media updates.


Horrific findings at the Tiger Temple

This week has been rough as the world watches more and more horrendous findings come out of the Thailand Tiger Temple. What with amulets made from tiger parts, huge pelts, a live bear and bodies bottled in formaldehyde, perhaps the worst finding was the dozens of dead tiger kittens found in the temple’s freezers.

All English teachers to be tested

Both Thai and native speakers working as English teachers will soon be tested for their proficiency and teaching skills by the British Council. The move comes as the Education Ministry attempts to reassure students that they will be taught by qualified teachers with real abilities, and to filter out the less-than-serious teachers who pick up a job simply to supplement their life as a tourist in the country.

Bangkokians have the 5th longest working hours in the world

In surprising statistics news, it’s been revealed that workers in Bangkok work the 5th longest week in the entire world: more than Tokyo, Beijing and New York, even. We were only pipped to the post by Hong Kong, Mumbai, Mexico City and New Delhi.

Guess we’ll be sloping off on the dot of 5pm next week then…


Why are Thai women jealous?

The half-Thai author of this blog explores what lies behind the stereotype of the jealous Thai girlfriend or wife. She admits to battling jealousy herself occasionally, married to a Western husband and living in Thailand; and looks at the environment here where it’s assumed that Thai women will always try to seduce Western men and that men are passively incapable of staying faithful in such a situation. A really interesting piece.

Chat-up lines Bangkok style

There’s some pretty bold satire here from the Bangkok Post as they provide us with some #ThailandOnly chat up lines, presumably to use at the next Victory Monument protest or opening of the next macaron shop in EmQuartier.

Favourites include:

My love for you is like what happens right after eating a bad som tam: uncontrollable, powerful, and I just can’t hold it in.

Hey baby, want to get in my sports car, run over a policeman and never go to jail for it?

Why I’ll never ride an elephant again

This piece from the Travallure is a throwback to when the author decided to – as many tourists do – go on a commercial elephant trek with a group of friends in Thailand. The elephant is small, and resentful of carrying his extra tourist load, and the mahouts indiscriminate in their use of the bullhook.

She examines the problems facing the Asian elephant, including threat of extinction and the cruel phajaan training methods to explain why she won’t ever be found on the back of an elephant again.

Forum Discussions

My neighbour is being cheated on by his Thai girlfriend. Should I tell him?

It’s that age-old conundrum – I suspect someone I vaguely know is being cheated on by a woman I know even less about. Shall I tell him? Responses here vary from the sensible mind your own business variety, down to how the posters would want to know were they in the position of cuckold.

And then this:

thaivisa thai girlfriend

This can’t go wrong.

What would you miss about Thailand?

A generally positive thread from Thaivisa here on what you’d miss about the Kingdom if you were to ever leave. The usual suspects, apparently: bum guns, fresh fruit, no income tax on offshore income, food – I could go on. Some more embittered posters professed to not miss anything at all and can’t wait to get on the first flight out of here.

And then, on a decidedly more honest note:

thaivisa forum




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That’s been The Week On Sukhumvit – see you next time!


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