From A Very Strange Guide To Dating In Thailand To The Lifestyles Of Rich, Young Thais

Welcome to Sunday, Bangkok!

Is it just us, or is it that much harder getting up for work on a Monday after a three day weekend? Now, don’t get us wrong, we’re not complaining… onwards and upwards.

Another busy week in the Land of Smiles, thanks to the King’s birthday celebrations towards the end of the week, the announcement of a southern Bangkok extension for the purple MRT line, and this nation’s humble Massaman Curry being declared the world’s best food by CNN.

And who are we to argue with that?

Here’s what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Chinese skinny dipper at Pattaya Beach mistaken for sea creature, ghost

This is the quite mental story of the female Chinese tourist swimming nude in the sea at Pattaya, who was spotted by a group of people in the early hours of Tuesday morning. They misidentified her as both a sea creature (sure) and the Phee Phrai ghost — a famous water spirit. She was eventually rescued out of the water as rescue workers arrived with a towel to protect her modesty.

A #ThailandOnly love story

We’re not really sure what’s going on here, truth be told. Here’s what (might be) the facts:

  1. Tomboy becomes pregnant by her ladyboy lover
  2. Ladyboy lover decides to renounce ladyboy persona for the sake of the baby boy
  3. Tom gives birth
  4. Tom takes new Belgian lover
  5. Tom becomes pregnant again with the Belgian’s baby
  6. Ex-ladyboy dumps Tom and takes custody of baby boy
  7. Whole world watches, confused.


Tips for newbie English teachers in Thailand

One of the Ajarn bloggers has compiled a list of tips for new English teachers coming to Thailand to teach in the regular program. Includes a lot of great tips, as well as a few that may seem a little dispiriting for brand new teachers: lower your expectations and don’t expect support.

BK Magazine at 700 issues

This is a nice little retrospective by BK Magazine now that they’ve made their 700th issue and have been publishing for an impressive 16 years. It includes interesting memories of the Bangkok shutdown by ex-editors, as well as the hits and misses of the mag over the years. They’re putting the cover of their first issue down as a ‘miss’, but we actually kind of love it.

The lives of Thailand’s young, rich and famous

If you’re interested to see how Thailand’s young and rich live (read: those lucky enough to be born to wealthy parents), you might find some merit in this post — 7 short profiles of those with the most ballin’ Instagram profiles by the looks of it. One thing we’ve drawn from the article and personal experience is the high concentration of rich, young Thais launching questionable fashion brands and studying for fashion degrees. Maybe it’s a rite of passage.

Forum Threads

Dating in Thailand — a guide by the Alphabay founder

This Reddit thread links to an archived post on the notorious Rooshv forum, in which a poster — thought to be the recently deceased Alexandre Cazes, suspected founder of dark net marketplace Alphabay — writes a guide to ‘dating and wife hunting in Thailand’.

It’s a disturbing read — not only because it assigns points to women in a pretty inhumane and bizarre manner (“Would refuse to shave her pussy hair, even if you requested (+5 points)” … “Has half siblings with only 1 common parent (-20 points)”) — but because with the knowledge of his apparent suicide in Thai custody recently, much of his writing on this forum thread can be seen in a different light. For instance, he brags openly about his vast wealth and, according to other users in the thread, has sent private photos of his cars and stacks of cash to ‘back up’ his apparent legitimacy as a Thailand dating expert.

Why won’t my girlfriend sleep with me anymore?

And then we have this classic from Thaivisa, the poster of which is verifiably not an expert on dating in Thailand.

His girlfriend — for whom he has just completed a costly house renovation for and supports her with 35,000 baht a month — is apparently now refusing to become intimate with the poster and has threatened to end the relationship after he tried to discuss the matter with her. He also mentions her great beauty and bisexuality, which he has apparently encouraged. He then invites ‘constructive comments’ from the floor…




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!


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