From A Thai Girlfriend In The Mafia To The 5 Stages Of Culture Shock

Just another Sunday in Bangkok. It’s August tomorrow — what have you got to show for the first seven months of 2016?

We’ll try not to think about that…

It’s been another busy week in the news for Thailand, with much of the country focused on the outcome of next week’s referendum. Aside from that, a big fire at the Major Cineplex Pinklao, the emergence of more photos of university hazing and the introduction of the nationwide e-payment scheme have been dominating the headlines.

Meanwhile, Bangkok foodies have been getting jazzed up at the news of Daniel Thaiger opening a bricks and mortar restaurant on Soi 51 (the former haunt of Opposite Mess Hall) and a Jamie’s Italian from Brit chef Jamie Oliver opening up in the new Siam Discovery. Having patronised a few branches of the latter in the sunny UK, we’ll probably give that a hard pass.

Let’s take a look at all that’s been tickling Bangkok’s pickle in the past week…


Booze ban from 6pm on Saturday 6 August

The referendum on 7 August is seeing a nationwide ban on the sale of alcohol from 6pm on the evening of 6 August to midnight on 7 August. Stock up, Bangkok! We’ve got a Wishbeer delivery on standby.

Taxi driver returns wallet containing cash and jewellery to German tourist

A good news story! Kraisorn Thaponthan, a taxi driver working out of Suvarnabhumi airport, returned a wallet containing the USD equivalent of 10,000 baht as well as a pearl necklace and ring worth 1.39 million baht to the German tourist who had accidentally left it in his taxi.

The story is accompanied by an excellent photograph showing a group of men with their thumbs up. We sense pleasure at this good deed.

1000s of trees to be cut down for new parliament building

Over 5,000 teak trees are scheduled to be cut down in new plans by the National Legislative Assembly to build a new 12 billion baht parliament building.

Their justification is that teak represents the ‘DNA’ of Thailand and is an enduring symbol of ‘Thainess’. It hasn’t been confirmed where these trees will be cut down from.


A childhood in Canada vs. one in Thailand

This is a great blog examining the differences between the author’s childhood, spent growing up in a Canadian town however many years ago, versus his son’s right now in the middle of Bangkok. This is an important post and one that will probably ring true for many a Westerner raising a child in the City of Angels.

The 5 stages of culture shock in Thailand

Coconuts post taking us through the five stages of culture shock (that are surprisingly interchangeable with grief) that most foreigners will apparently experience upon a move to Thailand. Which step have you progressed to? Anyone stuck at ‘distress’?

Photos to inspire you to explore Bangkok’s art scene

Some incredible photos from Wanderlust on what you can expect to find in the Bangkok Art & Culture Centre. From photography to ancient sculpture to realism painting, there’s something to attract every art nerd in town.

Forum Discussions

My Thai GF has ties to the mafia. What’s my next move?

This is a truly CRACKING Thaivisa thread that has all the hallmarks of a Hollywood movie. The poster’s girlfriend has a 65-year old ex who happens to be a high flying member of the mafia, and an alleged rapist. The ex won’t let her take possession of her house and car — which were apparently originally bought with the spoils of her previous loan sharking business (sure) — and wants her current boyfriend, the poster, to help.

He’s now taking advice from Thaivisa forum members — you know, the guys sat on their laptops all day with plenty of experience in dealing with both Thai women and mafia extortion.

Typical sound advice:

thaivisa forum

What are the most overrated things in Thailand?

Another Thaivisa thread — this one listing the various Thai tropes that some members judge to be overrated. While some of the things mentioned might be considered fair game, the original poster includes the mighty bum gun and Thai food as 2 of his most overrated choices. He then goes on to say that he knows of a great Thai restaurant in Canada.

Sure. We’ll stop by next time to check it out.


A touching and honest video about what many expats face on a return home



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