From Why Thai Women Lie To The Future Of Rail Travel In Southeast Asia

Happy Sunday, Bangkok!

It feels like we’re well and truly approaching the cool season now, with shorter days and much longed-for breezes becoming more regular. The tip of Doi Inthanon reached a balmy 5Β°C this week!

Thailand is now out of the official mourning period and many people enjoyed celebrating a joyful Loy Kratong on Friday night. And, of course, IKEA have started selling their Christmas trees. Holidays are coming…

Let’s see what’s been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Activists on the case as Siam Square pet cafe faces claims of neglect

Pet cafes have always trod the dubious line between entertainment and exploitation but recent goings-on at Kitties and Bears on Siam Square 1 really take the biscuit. A few days ago, a former manager at the cafe took to Facebook to accuse the cafe of animal neglect and that multiple animals had died within the space of the month. The cafe have also apparently admitted the deaths of more than one animal in their care.

Watchdog Thailand, an animal activism organisation, sent a vet and the police to the cafe to take samples and do an inspection of the premises.Β  The owner of the cafe is supposedly a Singaporean who has faced jail time in his home country after 7 cats at another pet cafe business of his also died.

Instagram model faces criticism after posing with his welfare card

Netizens have poured skepticism on Instagram model Wachrin Tankuranant this week after a picture he posted of his public welfare card — commonly known as a ‘poor card’ — alongside an 11,000 baht watch and a smartphone went viral.

The welfare cards are reserved for the poorest in Thai society, possessing under 100,000 baht in cash or bonds and living in small occupancies. Many people pointed out the juxtaposition of a model posing alongside designer goods and lifestyle experiences with the perceived lifestyle of someone on welfare.

Wachrin defended himself saying that his Instagram and Twitter posts do not reflect reality — he is poor, with no assets and an unstable income, but still likes to take beautiful photographs.


The future of rail travel in Southeast Asia

This time last year, James Clark from Nomadic Notes published a popular post on WOS regarding all the current and proposed railway projects throughout the region. You can read it here.

He’s updated the map now for 2017, delineating the lines currently in operation and under construction, with the lines that are proposed. This is a must-read for any railways and slow travel buffs out there. Imagine how connected the region would be if it followed through on its plans!

Are motorbike users in Thailand a high risk group?

This Inspire blog captures what many expats in Thailand wrestle with on a daily basis: whether to give in to the lure of the motorcy taxi. It’s the difference between arriving at your destination sweaty after a walk, stuck in the nightmare of taxi traffic or cheating both on the back of a orange-vested motorbike.

Of course, riding motorbikes aren’t without their dangers: you’re far more likely to be in an accident on the back of them than any other form of transport (and we bet that you’re not wearing a helmet either). Are they worth the risk? Would you ride one, unhelmeted, back home?

And what would your mother say?

How to spend 48 hours in Koh Phi Phi

If you fancy braving the hordes of tourists and all their associations, here’s a quick no-nonsense guide on how to structure a short trip to Koh Phi Phi. It includes all the essentials: Maya Bay, beach parties, Monkey Beach and, of course, the viewpoint.

Forum Threads

Why do Thai women lie so much?

A Thaivisa post here discussing why Thai women lie — from big lies about money to the more inexplicable ones about mundane and minor topics.

Aside from the obvious point that Thai women are not a homogenous group and the lying habits of individuals must vary massively, there are some interesting points here about how honesty and lies are perceived differently by different cultures.

While many of the Western men commenting find the little lies, vagueness and lack of straight, full, honesty irritating, it’s likely that the same women of who they speak perceive these lies not as lies at all — but rather tools to make their relationships easier, smoother and less confronting.

And, of course, there’s unsolicited advice like the following:

thaivisa forum
What’s your favorite local coffee chain?

For everyone hoping to break free of Starbucks, here’s a handy Reddit thread to some of Thailand’s own coffee chains that might be worth checking out. In our opinion, there’s not a lot here that can rival the many brilliant independent coffee shops in this city, but you might find something that tickles your pickle nonetheless.

>>>Β Read our guide to the best coffee in Bangkok




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