From Bottling Bar Girls To Bum Gun Advice

Happy New Year, fellow Bangkokians!

Predictably, it’s been a busy week with the dawning of the Year Of The Monkey. As some of us lazily contemplate acting on our New Year’s resolutions, the news week has continued to roll in Bangkok with exhibitionist models, aggressive bar girls and drunk drivers dominating the headlines.


Over 2,000 drunk-driving cars impounded as part of road safety campaign

Driving in Thailand is perilous at the best of times; when the party season of New Year rolls around, however, it’s positively catastrophic. Drink-driving is the main culprit and the police force are currently on a proactive campaign to put a stop to it – the latest news is how they’ve impounded 2,140 vehicles from drunken owners.

Naked model posing with traditional Thai accessories prepares to turn herself in

A somewhat exhibitionist model posed recently in her birthday suit, save for a few choice traditional Thai accessories. When the photos inevitably went viral, a few local Bangkok officials got upset and decided to prosecute. The staff from the photoshoot confirmed that they would turn the model in shortly, after she had taken a few days to compose herself.

Soi Cowboy bar girls bottle their own boss 

When you decide to open a gogo bar in one of Bangkok’s most notorious red light districts, no one ever tells you about the potential pitfalls… The owner of Dollhouse on the neon strip was apparently attacked with bottles by his own staff on NYE because he wanted to repeat the New Year countdown against their wishes.

Forum Discussions

Tourist ponders how to use bum gun in hotel toilet

A classic Reddit thread with 62 replies at the last count. The technicalities of using a bum gun are outlined here, along with a host of helpful hints and tricks to get bum gun newbies on the right track for a thorough arse cleaning. A treasure trove of quotes and comments, this heartfelt takeaway was our favourite:

bum guns thailand

Bangkok or Barcelona?

ThaiVisa users philosophise on the merits and drawbacks of living in two entirely different cities: Bangkok and Barcelona. As is the way on ThaiVisa, Bangkok gets a walloping and Barcelona is declared the winner; seemingly because the wine is cheaper there. Fair enough.


A collection of old photos from Thailand

What it says on the tin. For more old Bangkok photos, check out our post on Sukhumvit Through The Years.


A creepily quiet Asok intersection on New Year’s Day…


Seen on BTS Skytrain in Bangkok; Hip kid with his Christmas gifts? #bkk #bangkok #bts #skytrain #thailand A photo posted by Dennis Thern (@dennis_thern) on


So this is where all the taxis were on NYE…


Food Porn in action. The good stuff starts around 2:40…

WTF Video Of The Week: if you like bad dance music and bizarre party scenes featuring a lot of white people, you’re going to love this.

And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit… See you next week!


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