From A Terrible Night In Nana to a Disgusting 7-Eleven Toastie

What with Brits pretending to be missing in Koh Phi Phi, the influx of Dengue Fever and a sudden spot of cool weather, it’s been a busy week for news in Bangkok the past few days.

Here’s our weekly top picks of news, discussions, tweets and photos from around the web:


Bangkok Dengue Fever cases at 25,000

With Dengue Fever cases reaching fever pitch in our city, the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration have announced 10 city districts with the most amount of people affected – including Wattana, the district spanning Nana to On Nut on the northern side of Sukhumvit Road.

Missing Brit turns out to be Idiot Abroad

Not fancying a return home to the UK for Christmas, Jordan Jacobs rang his mother this week to tell her a little white lie about why he wouldn’t be returning, namely that a Thai man had taken him to Ko Phi Phi Don and was refusing to let him leave. Ever. Cue an inevitable international kidnapping furore and missing persons media extravaganza. Upon being found happily sat in a bar a few days later, Jacobs was made to publicly apologise to the Thai people for bringing disgrace upon them.

Jordan, mate. Get your shit together.

Forum discussions

A man went to Nana to watch Star Wars and didn’t like it

A classic ThaiVisa post. A man who lives 15km outside of Bangkok went to watch the new Star Wars film at Siam Paragon, stayed the night in a Nana hotel and inexplicably wrote a forum post about the experience the next day. He really did not enjoy his few hours in Nana – not because of the rampant prostitution on display, but because he had seen a group of Thai women having trouble getting a taxi to accept their fare. Sure.

The five pages of comments and replies that follow are a delightful mix of aggression, hyperbole and White Knight display. Truly splendid.

The best neighbourhoods in Bangkok

Redditors discuss their favourite places to hang out in Bangkok. One of our favourite responses:

thonglor best neighbourhood

Tru dat.


Food Porn gone wrong

If you ever wanted to know what a 7 Eleven cheese and ham toastie looks like with an abundance of extra cheese, this is it.

I love cheese as much as the next person but that looks like a heart attack sandwich.

A guide to Thailand’s Noodle Soups

An amazingly useful post on the various types of noodle soups found in our country, together with descriptions, photos and Thai script. It’s rare that ‘A Guide To…’ posts overdeliver on their headline, but it must be once in a blue moon.

New openings


So apparently there’ll be another Hooters opening up on Sukhumvit – predictably, on Soi 4. Why there needs to be another branch in addition to the one about 5 blocks away is beyond us, but we assume it’s something to do with the popularity of their chicken wings.

Chi Ultralounge

Promising to be one of Bangkok’s most exciting nightlife openings in memory, Chi Ultralounge on Soi 13 is hosting their special preview on Christmas Eve.

We’ll be covering the night in detail and giving you a sneak peek into one of Sukhumvit’s most exciting new nightlife spots – stay tuned!

Bangkok Planetarium

After 8 months of closure and $2.5 million of refurbishment, Bangkok Planetarium in Ekkamai is reopening in January 2016. See you there, fellow stargazers!



That’s been the week on Sukhumvit! See you next Sunday.



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