From A Dinosaur At A Police Station To Why It’s A Bad Idea To Retire In Bangkok

What a week!

In regional news, there was a huge earthquake off Indonesia that threatened a tsunami (thankfully never realised), while the Asia’s 50 Best Restaurant Awards saw Bangkok’s Gaggan take the top spot for another year.

Closer to home, 1,600 pandas invaded Bangkok, a dinosaur reported to the police station after a traffic violation, and Nok Air cancelled yet more flights.

So, pretty much business as usual then.

Here’s the best of the week’s news, views, videos and social media updates.



T-Rex hands himself into the police after traffic violation

Robot dinosaurs have been transported around Bangkok this week to celebrate the upcoming opening of Dinosaur Planet towards the end of the month. Unfortunately, one T-Rex had not been wearing the requisite red flag during the drive-around, incurring the wrath of the police. The T-Rex handed himself in at Phaya Thai station, paying a fine of ฿2,400.

Shirtless farang harassing women in Pattaya

What’s new, eh! A topless westerner was caught on video in Pattaya prowling around a group of Chinese tourists singling out women and groping their bottoms. The video is clear and the man in question’s face obvious so hopefully someone will recognise him and hand him over to the police.

5 injured in Chinatown gun battle

A group of Chinese-speaking robbers armed with BB guns and knives misguidedly attempted to rub a gun store in Chinatown this week. They were inevitably shot at in defence by the owner and staff of the store with five people injured in total – the store and owner and a staff member, and three of the robbers. The remaining would-be thief attempted to make a run for it but was later found and arrested.


How Thais deal with customer complaints

This interesting blog explores the idiosyncrasies of Thai customer ‘service’ and the sometimes counterintuitive approach some businesses take to the economy. The frustrating aspects of mai pen rai are examined, as well as the refusal by businesspeople to ever lower their prices – even in the event of no sales. A must-read!

Why I loved being a tourist in Bangkok

This is a refreshingly positive look at Bangkok from a tourist’s point of view that isn’t all about the merits of street food or the various temples. She cites the atmosphere as being part of what makes the city so great – something we wholeheartedly agree with – as she mentions the lack of street harassment (at least for women!), and how it’s easy to “feel like you’re living your normal life.” Amen.

The cats of Bangkok

Pictures of cats. In Bangkok. Cracking.

Forum Discussions

Why it’s not a good idea to retire in Thailand

While this Thaivisa user has some good points about the many negatives of retiring in Thailand, he’s set himself up for an immediate fall by targeting his post at exactly the people he’s discussing – Western retirees. Think Thailand is a young man’s game? Not according to this respondent:

thaivisa forum



Backpacker buses it from CM to BK, dressed in obligatory Chang vest, broadcasts from bus toilet. Is incredibly receptive to hawkers

A T-Rex chilling in Bangkok traffic



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That’s been The Week On Sukhumvit, see you next time!


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