From Why You Don’t Do Drugs In Thailand To Does Being A Bangkok Expat Keep You Young

Happy Sunday, Bangkok!

Another mega week in the ol’ Land of Smiles, where we’ve learned that Bangkok was the most visited city in the world this year, that there are two huge stadiums planned for our city in the coming years, and that there’s a ‘love’ hotel in Nonthaburi that features a ‘Hitler mural’ on the wall of one of its rooms…


Let’s find out what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Millionaire Brit and Thai wife murdered in Phrae by her brother

This is the tragic news that a British man and his Thai wife were discovered dead and buried in the garden of their home in Phrae, apparently killed by contract killers on the instructions of the wife’s brother.

Warut Satchakit apparently paid three men 50,000 baht to kill his sister and brother-in-law after they kicked him off their property, where he worked as a gardener, following long-running tension between them. Alan Hogg was shot in the chest while feeding ducks at his pond, while his wife Nott was tied up in the garage and violently beat to death with a metal wrench by her brother.

The alarm was raised when Alan and Nott failed to meet friends in Chiang Mai a few days later, and police became suspicious of Warut once it was discovered that he had stolen their car.

Teen sisters die following house fire in Bangkok

More tragic news this week following a fierce house fire in Nong Chok, Bangkok, which left two teenage sisters, aged 13 and 16 dead. Fireman took half an hour to bring the blaze under control, which had already taken hold of the double-storey building when they arrived.

The girls’ parents sustained burns from the fire and were rushed to hospital once rescued.

Police on hunt for couple filmed forking in supermarket

Something a little lighter now — police are apparently on the hunt for a Thai couple who filmed themselves having sex in the cleaning supply aisle of a supermarket, which Coconuts believe could be a Big C.

Who knew the high eroticism of toilet bowl cleaner?

The case is being investigated by the Technology Crime Suppression Division, who have urged citizens to submit tips on their website — and for other such cases too. Persons charged with uploading pornographic content could be on the hook for up to 5 years in prison and/or a hefty fine.


Does being an expat keep you young?

An interesting post here on the Dan About Thailand blog, where he asks the question, does being an expat keep you young in spirit and ambition? He’s prompted to do so after seeing similarly aged people back home in the UK seemingly settle and stop trying to move forward with their lives.

It’s tempting to agree and say that relocating to a new country, especially one so different from places like the UK as Thailand, does keep you on your toes, but we think that actually it’s more of a mindset phenomenon — some people stay young in spirit and ambition whether they live in Bangkok or Birmingham.

There are those of a fixed mindset — people who believe that they’re stuck with their lot in life and simply settle for a version of that that they’re happy with — and those of a growth mindset — the people willing to change, grow and challenge themselves, wherever they are in the world.

Let’s face it, for every spirited and ambitious expat in Thailand, there are five others who are stuck in their ways and determined to stay the same. And the same is probably true in every country in the world.

Are TEFL teachers unambitious?

Another interesting read here on a tentatively related subject — are TEFL teachers in Thailand unambitious?

Again, this probably says more about the teacher rather than TEFL as a career path. If you’re happy to coast along with little challenges, low pay and minimal extra work — if you’re happy to settle — then you can definitely sign up for that life as a TEFL teacher.

But if you’re prepared to put in extra work, to keep looking for opportunities that offer more responsibility, to keep developing your skills, then you can easily rise above the stereotypical TEFL teacher inertia.

Free Chatuchak Market guide and map

Richard Barrow has put together some free resources for Chatuchak weekend market — a magazine, guide and map — that you might find useful on your next trip into the depths of hell. Sorry, we mean, Chatuchak.

Or you could just give them to any Bangkok visitors you might receive and allow them to make their own way there.

Forum Threads

Why you don’t do drugs in Thailand

A Reddit thread here discussing the Netflix release of A Prayer Before Dawn, a movie chronicling the incarceration of a British man for selling yaba in Thailand. What follows is a discussion of the film itself, an AMA (ask me anything Reddit thread) from another British guy who spent a year in a Thai prison, and a general discussion of Thai prison life.

Enough food for thought to persuade you to turn down that doobie.

Have you ever had a motorsai taxi accident?

A survey discussion here on Thaivisa discussing injuries and accidents sustained by members during trips on motorbike taxis. Surprisingly, they seem to be pretty rare according to these members — but more than a few people report near-misses and close calls.

And, of course, those who have sustained major injuries are often not around or inclined to share their stories…





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