From Touching Your Thai Girlfriend’s Head To The Sensual Appeal Of Asian Men

As usual, the news has been pouring in thick and fast in Thailand this week with the revealing of the new constitutional charter, the sudden widespread interest in luuk thep dolls, and the long-awaited removal of five tigers from the Tiger Temple.

But the major issue dominating all news desks and social media outlets this week has been – wait for it – the weather.

With lows in Bangkok of around 16° Celcius earlier this week, it has indeed been frightfully chilly. 

Of course, we’re now back to Bangkok’s sweat-inducing best of over 30°, and complaining about that too.

Let’s take a look at the best of the week’s news, views, videos and social media updates.


Government legal expert defends draft charter for not being fully democratic 

Deputy PM Wissanu Krea-ngam has defended the first draft of Thailand’s constitutional charter after it was released at the end of last week, arguing that no charter in the world is fully democratic. His remarks come after criticism was levied against the draft for vesting too much power in the unelected Constitutional Court.

No more u-turns on Asok-Montri road

From February, traffic barriers will be installed along Sukhumvit Soi 21 (Asok Montri road), effectively barring drivers from making u-turns. The huge 8-lane road is continually blighted by drivers holding up traffic to turn into the many offices along the road – a particularly heinous offence considering the additional hold-ups caused by long traffic-light waits at the Asok intersection.

Geordie arrested and sent to hospital post nude Sukhumvit saunter

In what is becoming something of a trope, a British man was arrested this week after walking naked and making rude gestures down Sukhumvit. He was apparently sent to hospital after showing signs of mental distress and all charges were dropped.


10 reasons why Asian men are sexy

This cute blog on cross-cultural relationships gives us an easy lowdown on why Asian men shouldn’t be forgotten about in the sexual chemistry department. Includes such reasons as ‘pays the bills’, ‘dedicated in bed’ and, er, great skin – all of which sound pretty excellent to us.

Whatever tickles your pickle, we say!

Thai-Burma railway stirs wartime memories in Aus

Plans to rebuild the rail track between Myanmar and Thailand are reawakening the memories of Australian prisoners of war who served on the notorious Thai-Burma ‘Death Railway’ during World War II under the Japanese. Lindsay Murdoch examines the weight of the past still felt today in Australia.

Impressions of Bangkok: is the city fit for the elderly? 

This otherwise fairly generic blog on being a tourist in Bangkok raises an issue not often discussed: is it easy being elderly in Bangkok? The Singaporean blogger, traveling with her father, says,

In Bangkok, we encountered travelers who actually physically pushed my father out of the way at sights or when walking down the street. This happened almost every day and no one apologized for causing an elderly man to stumble and lose his balance. I don’t blame Bangkok for this behavior, and these were not Thai behaving this way, but it did make the trip frustrating for us at times.

Forum Discussions

Is it OK to touch your Thai GF’s head when you’re getting it on?

Thai travel blogs and books continually remind tourists that touching the head is considered offensive in Thailand. While that’s undoubtedly true in a public setting, this Reddit thread explores whether this is actually the case in private – and in particular, when you and your Thai girlfriend are baking the potato (Ed: perhaps the worst euphemism for ‘shagging’ I’ve ever heard).


Canadian man has strong views on Thailand

Including the following oddities:

  1. Bangkok is hot
  2. Bangkok food will give you very bad diarrhea
  3. All Thai women have an agenda
  4. Ladyboys look physically perfect
  5. There are lots of old, white dudes here
  6. Canada is better.

In fairness, points 1 and 5 are pretty spot on…




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