From A Secret Facebook Group For Thai Women To The Joys Of Wandering Bangkok

Happy Sunday, Bangkok!

What’s been the story in Thailand this week? Well, firstly, it’s been a wet one — the weather’s produced some incredible, apocalyptic-style vistas:

Other news includes a Chula student being put in a chokehold by a professor, a recycled lipstick program starting in a women’s prison, and the efforts being made to rehouse Phuket’s rapidly increasing macaque population. The search is on for monkey island…

Let’s see what else has been entertaining and enraging Bangkok this week…

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Drunk man mauled by temple bear and dragged into cage

A pretty horrific video emerged this week of Fon Promlat, who was mauled and dragged into a cage by a bear at Luang Pu Lamai temple in Petchabun. Fon was apparently drunk and walking close to the bear’s enclosure when he lowered himself down to pet 7-year old Kaew, who pulled him into the enclosure by his wrist. Fon was rescued before being transferred to a local hospital for treatment.

Swiss man arrested after being caught vaping in public

A Swiss tourist has apparently been arrested and charged after being caught vaping with an e-cigarette somewhere on the streets of Thailand. Punishment for those convicted of illegal importation of e-cigarettes are notoriously harsh in Thailand: up to 10 years in prison and/or a fine of 5 times the value of the goods in question.

Alien communications group hold Bangkok convention

This is an interesting field report from a convention about communicating with aliens that was held recently in a Bangkok hotel. The group, called UFO Kaokala, apparently meditate in order to ‘seek answers and prophecy from extraterrestrial life’.

Somjit Reapeth, a 58 year old nurse, is head of Alien Communications for the group and said, “Like in Star Wars, the aliens also made alliances with aliens from different planets. We need to develop our mental abilities to communicate with them, because what happened in the latest Transformers movie will come true.”

Okey doke.


Infiltrating a Facebook group for Thai women to talk about Farang men

A pretty epic post on the Stickman website from a couple of weeks ago here, which saw Stickman pose as a Thai woman in order to gain access to the holy grail: a private Facebook group which sees Thai women discuss the Western men they date.

It’s pretty eye-opening, especially in terms of how much is shared on these groups: full face photos are shown of the men in question, with women asking other members whether they’ve spoken to him before, whether he’s married, and sometimes even discussing his HIV status.

These women also use the group as a warning system as well, sharing screenshots of messages received from particularly creepy men — of course, with their photos. As Stickman recounts, one thing that’s clear is that these women generally do prefer younger, attractive men, despite what certain sexpat demographics may believe.

The joys of wandering Bangkok

A nice blog post here on the joys of flâneur — happening upon pleasure and places of interest while strolling — in Bangkok. As the writer says though, strolling around Bangkok aimlessly sounds like a recipe for heat stroke and a traffic accident — so has compiled a list of how best to navigate the city for maximum spontaneous enjoyment.

Thailand’s lesser known islands

Sick of Samui and Phuket but want to experience more of Thailand’s world class beaches? Here’s a great guide to some of the lesser known but still accessible Thai islands in both the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand.

Forum Threads

How to know if your Thai girlfriend really loves you

A Thaivisa member believes he’s cracked the code to understanding whether your Thai partner really loves you — or whether she just likes the shape of your wallet. He’s come up with 10 pertinent questions that should instantly reveal your status within your love’s heart, including whether she’s tried to stop you wearing cargo shorts (we’re not sure whether this would mean she loves you or not, to be honest) and whether she buys you weird Thai snacks.

True love, Thai style.




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!


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