From The Income Of A Bangkok Bar Girl To What America Has That Thailand Doesn’t

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The major point of gossip and complaints this week has been the epic queues at immigration for arrivals into Don Mueang and Suvarnabhumi. Just look at this waking nightmare:


Other news includes the exciting report that Spotify will be coming to Thailand next week, and yet more faffing with the extradition of Boss, the Red Bull heir, for his alleged role in the hit and run accident that caused the death of a policeman in 2012.

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Clinic set up to prepare Thai women for life abroad

It was announced this week that a clinic was being set up by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, and Khon Kaen University, to prepare Thai women married to foreigners for a life away from Thailand.

It’s specifically targeted at women from the Isaan region, and is designed to help these women better understand cross-cultural marriages and how to maintain a healthy relationships, as well as how they can seek assistance overseas if they fall into trouble.
Spokeswoman Dusadee Ayutwat said, “The clinic focuses on women in Isaan given the growing number of women there marrying Westerners. Some of these women believe marrying Westerners will give them a better life and financial security, which is quite a misconception.” Indeed.

Defrocked monk charged with murder of 17 year old at Phuket temple

Khitthisak Songkhram, a former monk, was this week charged with the murder of 17 year old Wei Pew Ar, a Burmese monk’s assistant who’d been working in a Phuket temple.

The teenager was stabbed to death, with his right hand almost totally severed in the attack. Apparently blood on Khitthisak’s robes was found to match that of the victim, and he had been working at the same temple before his arrest on drug charges last weekend.

New TM6 form for arrivals into Thailand

After much furore over 4-hour queues at Don Mueang immigration this week, the latest news from the Tourism Authority of Thailand is that a new arrivals card will be introduced this coming October. It looks markedly similar to the TM6 form currently in use, although is now apparently also demanding your phone number and email address. Hmm.


You can now stay in a prison themed hostel in Bangkok

The latest hotel gimmick to hit our wonderful city is the humble prison cell. Sook Station is a hostel located in Udom Suk, which has modeled its accommodations on prison — complete with cell style bunk beds, shared toilets, mugshots and prisoner numbers upon check in, and prison style pajamas. Apparently the owner was inspired by The Shawshank Redemption…

Less prison-esque — although more likely to lure tourists to Udom Suk — are a few creature comforts like a rooftop terrace, outdoor jacuzzi and relaxation lounge.

Exploring Doi Inthanon National Park

Next time you’re in Chiang Mai and you fancy getting away from the hordes of digital nomads with their Macbooks, why not escape the old city and visit the roof of Thailand — Doi Inthanon National Park? This is a great trip report, with tips on how to navigate the park, including hiring a driver and the best trails. Good photos too.

Forum Threads

What does America have that Thailand doesn’t?

A strange Reddit thread this week from what sounds like a young guy trying to justify a future move to Thailand to his parents, who have asked him what Thailand has that the ole’ US of A doesn’t. What follows from other Redditors is a list of the many, many things that Thailand doesn’t have — but as a few have pointed out, what you may lose in some areas moving here, you’ll gain back in spades in other areas of your life.

Bar girl incomes vs conventional work

A classic Thaivisa thread here where members discuss those two most hallowed topics: bar girls and money. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting topic — how much do/can bar girls earn in a month compared to Thai women in more conventional lines of work. With some members estimating over and above 100,000 baht per month, it’s no wonder it’s a tempting line of work for so many women. Of course, as a few members point out, you’ve got to really have it going on to hit the big leagues: beauty, flirtation, an eye for big-paying clients and long-standing investments, and, ahem, ‘work ethic’.




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