From Dating The Men Of Bangkok To The End Of The Thailand Honeymoon Period

“Sunday is the golden clasp that holds together the volume of the week.”

Well, so said old chap Henry Wadsworth Longfellow back in the 19th century anyway. For us, Sunday is a day of hangover recovery and an arguably excessive intake of bacon. Whatever floats your boat.

Anyway, it’s been another hullaballoo of a week in Bangkok. We found out that the Generation Y/Milllenials (those born between 1982 and 2005) are Thailand’s friskiest yet, apparently clocking in an average of 5 sexual partners between the ages of 15 to 19. Cripes. We’re feel almost puritanical over here.

Down in Krabi and Phuket, beaches have been shut thanks to a few sightings of Portuguese man o’wars (charmingly also nicknamed ‘the floating terror’). A tourist was stung this week at Patong.

Of course, there’s been plenty more entertaining and enraging Bangkok these past 7 days. Here’s the best of the week’s news, views and social media updates.


Gen-Y a hotbed of shaggers

This is the news that a recent report found that people born between 1985 and 2005 living in Thailand’s urban areas are more sexually active than their older counterparts. On average, they will have had their first sexual experience at 15 and have had 5 sexual partners between 15 to 19. In Gen-X (those born between 1961 and 1984), men have had an average of 18 sexual partners and women allegedly just 1.

Vibrator delays Chiang Mai-Bangkok AirAsia flight

Baggage handlers understandably became suspicious when they located a vibrating suitcase destined for flight FD3438 from Chiang Mai to Bangkok. Upon inspection, bomb disposal experts found the offending object within — a small silver vibrator. There’s some crackingly proud photographs of the discovery, although we’ll place a bet that the expert wished he’d gone in wearing rubber gloves.

Thai husky born without paws gets adopted in her wheelchair

This is the feel-good story of Maya, a 3-year old Thai husky. With no paws and hip problems, Maya ended up in a shelter with little hope of ever being adopted. When kind-hearted Kit saw her, however, she saw through Maya’s problems, adopted her and got her moving again with a funky new wheelchair. She’s now best buddies with another husky pup called Mamon.


The 14 guys you’ll date in Bangkok

Coconuts brings us this witty riposte to a recent article they published on the typical girls you’ll date in Bangkok. This time, the men come under the spotlight and they manage to gather together all the possible male stereotypes you’re likely to come across in the City of Angels. They’ve got the sexpat, the hipster, the fresh meat, the NGO guy, the DJ and, of course, the English teacher.

“If you’ve dated an English teacher, you’re probably Thai because we’re talking about a dude who would do anything — even teach English — to live in Thailand and get down with Thai ladies. “


How to raise independent kids in Thailand

This is an interesting post on The Father’s Journey blog about the struggles and opportunities of trying to raise independent daughters in a collective (read: dependent) society such as Thailand. In a place where so much care, caution and well-meaning concern can smother children, how do we encourage kids to test their limits and become their own person?

Books about sex in Bangkok

A list and descriptions of 9 books that centre around sex in the City of Angels. Everything from novels to sketchy-looking ‘men-only’ travel guides. Read at your peril…

Forum Threads

When did your Thailand honeymoon period end?

This Thaivisa thread asks at what point the rose-tinted glasses came off for expats in the Land of Smiles. This is an interesting, and at some points quite sad, thread with many answers inevitably revolving around relationship problems. It’s little surprise that when a relationship with a local starts heading south, problems surrounding the country at large suddenly become much clearer and more important.

But, of course, Thailand can hold you much longer than the honeymoon period can:

thaivisa forum


What do Thai girls think of luk khrueng guys?

A half-Thai, half-Scandi guy asks Reddit how Thai girls might perceive him. From here a discussion of the highly prized ‘luk khrueng’ (half Thai, half European) ethnic makeup is brought forth and how apparently Thai girls find this an attractive feature in a partner.

There doesn’t seem to be any Thai girls contributing to the discussion (no shock there) but it’s probably worth adding that if you are classically attractive, most women will not be too caught up in the details of your ethnicity — at least not in terms of primal attraction at any rate.




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And that’s been The Week On Sukhumvit — see you next time!


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