From HIV In Bangkok To Will Smith On Holiday

It’s been a heavy week of news for both Thailand and the world at large.

The deaths of David Bowie and Alan Rickman have dominated the global zeitgeist while bombings in Jakarta inevitably rocked Southeast Asia. For Thailand in particular, there’s been a lot of attention and misguided anger towards an inflammatory Facebook status made by the sister of Hannah Witheridge, the girl who was brutally murdered in Koh Tao in 2014, as well as the somewhat worrying finding that Thailand is home to 4 of the world’s worst rated airlines for safety.

We’ve picked out the best articles, photos and videos of the week from all around the web for you to peruse below. Don’t worry though; it’s not all doom and gloom!


Finally, a sensible opinion on Laura Witheridge’s Facebook status

Laura Witheridge’s much publicised, now deleted Facebook status last week on her feelings towards Thailand after her sister’s murder in 2014 caused an inevitable furore throughout the Kingdom, particularly amongst the Western Expat Keyboard Warrior brigade. This Bangkok Post Opinion recognises the seriousness of her claims and opinions but urges a different way forward other than investigating and potentially sueing Witheridge for her words, as has been suggested by the national police chief.

Bowie in Bangkok

Coconuts have unearthed a 1984 David Bowie documentary in which he explored the red lights of Bangkok in his signature enigmatic style. A particularly interesting watch in the wake of his sad passing earlier this week.

High prevalence of HIV in Bangkok’s female prostitutes

A new, small study of HIV prevalence among Bangkok’s female sex workers found that an unseasonably high proportion of prostitutes were suffering with the disease – 20.2 percent of the sample, in fact. Prevalence was ten times higher among street-based workers than their venue-based counterparts.


New column from Stickboy on not getting ripped off when getting up to no good 

Stickboy has launched a new fortnightly column – Budget Bobby – on how party boys (Ed: is that what we’re calling sexpats nowadays?) can look after their wallets while indulging in the various vices on offer in Bangkok and Pattaya.

10 vegan eats in Bangkok

Thais are pretty big on meat, whether it’s roaming around their streets or rustled up in a Khao Pad, so being a vegan in this city can be a struggle. The Arthurian-sounding Vegan Food Quest has listed the options available and how popular dishes can be adjusted to be vegan friendly. Just watch out for that fish sauce now…

Reflections on two years in Asia

A reflective personal blog from The Travallure on her experience living in Asia, written before she moves back to the US. Daringly honest, succinctly written and an altogether refreshing take on living in Bangkok and the various challenges and opportunities that poses to a millennial woman.

Forum Discussions

Thaivisa members gang up on Thai taxi driver for no apparent reason 

Picture the scene: a taxi driver signs up to the Thaivisa forum and begins a thread outlining the details of meter charges and how you should know if you’re being ripped off. He is polite, has a strong written command of the English language and has written a seemingly helpful, if a little obvious, post. Cue a number of TV members berating and questioning his intent; including claiming his English is too good for a Thaiaccusing him of not being a taxi driver at all, and loudly complaining that he isn’t trying to sell members his services as a driver.

This one is a rollercoaster and we’re loving every minute.

Some of the most mind-blowing facts about Thailand 

We’re not sure that these facts are necessarily mind-blowing but there’s a few snippets of interesting information that Thaiphiles may not have uncovered before. For instance, apparently the Massachusetts hospital room that King Bhumibol was born in has to be declared Thai territory for the duration of his birth so he could be officially born on Thai soil.


Thai Immigration release bizarre animation on the imminent blacklisting of overstayers

Classic ‘Fuckboy’ wears offensive t-shirts while eating a lot of Thai food very fast

Blonde American girls are annoying in Bangkok




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That’s been The Week On Sukhumvit; see you next time!


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