The Essential Dog’s Guide To Sukhumvit

Warning: Cuteness overload ahead

We at What’s On Sukhumvit are proud dog people.

What’s not to love? Pups are the purveyors of happiness, loyal as anything, and damn cute to boot (even the scruffy ones!).

Bangkok, however, is not what you’d call a dog-friendly city.

Aside from the suffocating heat – particularly challenging for our non-sweating canine friends – very few of the city’s parks are open to dogs so exercise opportunities are limited.

Which we think is pretty catty… 


owning a dog on sukhumvit

“Who you looking at?”

Combined with cramped, apartment-style living, it’s all too easy for your dog’s mental and physical stimulation to take a back seat, potentially leading to a whole host of other health problems. Depression, aggression, obesity – you name it.

We’re on the march to promote happy and healthy Bangkok dogs and we know that what owners need is information.

From vets to parks to swimming to taxis and everything beyond.

So here’s The Ultimate Guide to Owning a Dog on Sukhumvit™.

We want this to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible so if you know of any Sukhumvit dog spots we’ve missed, let us know in the comments and we’ll get them included.

Without further ado…

The Best Doggy Playdates on Sukhumvit

The Barkyard

Phrom Phong, Soi 26

the barkyard sukhumvit

Making friends at The Barkyard

Since opening in 2014, The Barkyard has been a hot spot for many a dog lover on Sukhumvit and beyond.

It’s got a dog swimming pool, dog hotel, accessories shop and grooming parlour alongside a few select boutique stalls and a franchised bar and cafe. The highlight is undoubtedly its garden, however – spacious, green, and an absolute sun trap. There’s a covered area with benches and plenty of water stations for when your pup and you fancy a cool down.

Training sessions are also available with the highly experienced Khru Joey.

Access to the garden is 100 baht per dog and an hour in the swimming pool starts at 500 baht.

owning a dog in bangkok

With a quiet and steady thrum of dogs and their owners, the atmosphere at The Barkyard is chilled and sociable. The staff are friendly and capable, helping to make The Barkyard one of the best dog retreats – and our favourite playdate – on Sukhumvit.

Ozono Plaza

Phrom Phong, Soi 39-Phetchaburi Road

Ozono is a small dog-friendly enclave on the corner of Sukhumvit 39 where it peels down to meet Phetchaburi.

It’s home to two parks: the Petropolis Park – a self-styled, just less than an acre, VIP park which requires a yearly membership to access – and the communal park in the centre of the plaza. The latter is free to use although requires you keep your dog on a lead if they don’t respond well to commands.

owning a dog in bangkok

Dog Rocks at Ozono Plaza

There’s a variety of pet-friendly restaurants and cafes in the plaza too, including the brilliant Dog Rocks and Cataholic Cafe. There’s also a boutique dog shop, various fashion outlets and a grooming parlour.

TLC Pet Wellness Centre

Phrom Phong, Soi 31

Buried deep in the heart of Sukhumvit 31 is the TLC Pet Wellness Centre – a true one-stop shop when it comes to your pups.

In addition to a hotel, grooming facilities, vet clinic and shop, they’ve got a secure garden and a pet-perfect swimming pool. Check out this water baby getting her swim on:

owning a dog in bangkok

K Village

Phrom Phong, Soi 26

K Village isn’t just for yummy mummies, you know!

This semi-outdoors lifestyle mall is dog-friendly and you’ll often see a few Pomeranians bouncing around the regular weekend markets. While you won’t be allowed to take your dogs inside many of the restaurants, there is lots of outdoor terrace seating where you’re more than welcome to nibble and sip alongside your pup.

owning a dog in bangkok

Spot The Dog

J Avenue

Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55 Soi 15

Another dog-friendly lifestyle mall is J Avenue in the heart of Thonglor.

You can sit out on the terrace of Au Bon Pain and iberry with your puppy pal or why not take them to listen to the free live music at the mall – Music In The Garden – on Friday and Saturday evenings? Pure canine bliss.


Thonglor, Soi 55

This pet accessory boutique in Thonglor has a dog-friendly cafe downstairs, serving up Thai cuisine – a perfect doggy-human lunch date.

owning a dog in bangkok

Coccola Thonglor

Sukhumvit Dog Kennels

Tender Loving Care Pet Wellness Centre

Phrom Phong, Soi 31

Very good value boarding facilities although owners must provide their own food.

The Barkyard

Phrom Phong, Soi 26

The Barkyard offers rates for both daycare and kennels.

owning a dog in bangkok

The Barkyard’s hotel suites

Twinkle Dog Home

Thonglor, Soi 53

Cageless boarding facilities in Thonglor.

Petropolitan Dog Hotel

Phrong Phong, Soi 39-Phetchaburi Road, tel: 022-592-788

The dog hotel at Ozono Plaza offers caged boarding with regular exercise breaks.

owning a dog in bangkok

Celebrating Halloween at the Twinkle Dog Home

Grooming Parlours and Accessory Shops on Sukhumvit

PAT Pet World

Phrom Phong, Soi 26

Large, warehouse-style pet store opposite K Village which also offers grooming services.

Fetch and The Bark Lounge

Phrom Phong, Soi 26

The Barkyard’s resident shops: Fetch for accessories and The Bark Lounge for grooming.

owning a dog in bangkok

Tender Loving Care Pet Wellness Centre

Phrom Phong, Soi 31

Onsite grooming and a well-stocked pet shop with food, accessories and more.


Phrom Phong, Soi 33/1; tel: 026-620-379

A small pet shop and groomers in the Villa Market car park, opposite the flower stall.

Aqua Dog

Phrom Phong, Soi 39-Phetchaburi Road; tel: 084-446-5959

Ozono Plaza’s salon and spa.

owning a dog in bangkok

Quick dip at The Barkyard


Thonglor, Soi 55

A boutique pet accessory store (also available online).

Twinkle Dog Home

Thonglor, Soi 53

A one-stop shop offering pet supplies, grooming, spa services and even massage.


Thonglor, Soi 55; tel: 027-149-644

Selling both pets and pet products.

owning a dog in bangkok

That’s one cute sploot

Chotlada Yorkshire Terriers

Ekamai, Soi 63

An award-winning pet groomer and breeder of Yorkshire Terriers.

Wagging Tail Bakery

Online, Line: @waggingtailbakery

An online pet bakery store selling fresh homemade and nutritious food and snacks for home delivery. They can custom-bake for pets with specific health needs.

Devon and Drew


A Jack Wills-esque British dog clothing company selling quality, quirky outfits and accessories. Although based in Siam Center, they have pop-up shops scattered throughout Sukhumvit and a strong e-commerce business.

owning a dog in bangkok

Chilling in a Devon & Drew duffel bag

Sukhumvit Vets

It’s always worth calling vet practices and animal clinics in advance as many of them don’t have an online web presence.

Pet & Vet Animal Hospital

Phrom Phong, Soi 24, tel: 022-590-418

Tender Loving Care Pet Wellness Centre

Phrong Phong, Soi 31, tel: 092-251-268-8

Animal Clinic Soi 26

Phrom Phong, Soi 26, tel: 022-586-751

Animal Clinic Soi 22

Phrom Phong, Soi 22, tel: 022-592-337

303 Veterinary

Phrom Phong, Soi 22, tel: 026-634-168

vets in sukhumvit

Beautiful Fergie

Sukhumvit Vet

Thonglor, Soi 51, tel: 092-710-1551

Thonglor Pet Hospital

Thonglor, Sukhumvit 55 Soi 9, tel: 027-12-6301-4

Veterinarians Sukhumvit 49

Thonglor, Soi 49, tel: 027-12-823-1

Ekamai Animal Hospital

Thonglor, Soi 55, tel: 021-851-975

Charoensuk Animal Hospital

Ekamai, Soi 63, tel: 023-91-970-7, 023-91-646-9

Ekamai Vet Clinic

Ekamai, Soi 63, tel: 023-92-539-1

Ekamai Veterinarian

Ekamai, Soi 63, tel: 023-922-008

Dog-Friendly Hotels on Sukhumvit

There are a small selection of pet-friendly hotels on Sukhumvit but always check with the hotel beforehand what their latest terms and conditions are regarding dogs – some require a deposit, for instance.

Ibis Bangkok Nana

Nana, Soi 4

Fraser Suites

Nana, Soi 11

Grand Mercure Bangkok Asoke Residence

Asok, Soi 19

DoubleTree Hilton Sukhumvit

Phrom Phong, Soi 26

Oakwood Residence

Phrom Phong, Soi 24

Paradise Sukhumvit

Ekamai, Sukhumvit 63 Soi 12

vets in sukhumvit


Pet Taxis

These pet taxis serve the entire Bangkok metropolis and are a good bet if you need secure and air-conditioned transportation for your dog, whether they’re going to the airport, kennels, groomers or vets. Although many street taxis are happy to take well-behaved small dogs on short journeys with their owners, pet taxis are your best bet for bigger dogs or long journeys.

Petxi Limo

Mee Pet Taxi 

Pet Taxi by Nikos

PetCar PetTaxi

Dogs Wonderland

vets in sukhumvit

Dog Charities

Anyone who has spent time in Bangkok will be familiar with the huge numbers of abandoned soi dogs that roam the streets. There are a small number of charities in the city who work tirelessly, often out of their own pockets, to rescue, care for and arrange adoption for these beautiful animals.

Donations and volunteers are in short supply so please help out if you can.


This Bangkok-based charity cares for and neuters dogs and cats abandoned on the streets of the city. Contact them on Facebook to donate, volunteer or adopt. They occasionally have a stand at the Bangkok Farmers Market at Gateway Ekamai where you can sponsor and adopt kittens.

The Soi Dog Foundation

Although based in Phuket, you can contact them about adoption and sponsorship of soi dogs in Bangkok on 093 0285 552.

vets in sukhumvit

Little Lorng saved by the Soi Dog Foundation

Pick A Pet 4 Home

Another Bangkok wide charity arranging adoptions of abandoned dogs and cats on the streets of the city. You can contact them on 081 551 262 8 or 081 451 223 3.

The Bangkok Wildcard Attraction

Neverland Siberians

owning a dog in bangkok

Love blooms at Neverland Siberians

OK – this attraction isn’t strictly a Sukhumvit-relevant entry but it’s simply too cute to ignore.

Neverland Siberians is a husky breeder and dog cafe based in Phaya Thai and is an absolute must for dog-lovers in Bangkok.

If there’s anything more bemusing than seeing a horde of Siberian Huskies playing together in the tropical Thai heat then you’ll have to let me know…

dog guide to sukhumvit




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