9 Things To Do In Phrom Phong

Phrom Phong has undergone a major transformation in the last five years.

It has always been a vibrant expat community.

But the luxury EM District and a brand new dinosaur theme park have added some extra tourist bait to the area.

Or extra traffic, depending on your disposition.

But it’s not just shopping and dinosaurs at this end of town; some of the city’s best restaurants have a place here, and a handful of pub-style bars ensure that those seeking solace in a pint can always find a stool to perch upon.

Looking for some things to do in Phrom Phong?

Check out our list below.

1. Throw Money at Dinosaur Planet

If there’s one thing that Bangkok’s skyline was sorely lacking, it’s definitely a Brontosaurus.

Not anymore.

Dinosaur Planet has taken temporary residence of the delayed EmSphere construction site, before it moves to Pattaya in 2017.

For THB600 per adult (or THB400 per child, free for those under 90cm), you too can snap photos of the fugitive beasts that took social media by storm three weeks ago.

The park has seven main attractions, including: Dinosaur District, Stars of Dino, 4D Deep World (opening in May), The Extinction Live Show, Raptor X-Treme and Dino Farm.

Don’t forget the Dino Eye ferris wheel where you can indulge in some elevated views of the EM District.

Alternatively… book a room in the nearby Holiday Inn.

It’s taller and the view lasts longer.

2. Search for The Helix in EmQuartier

things to do in phrom phong

Currently home to the world’s least enticing Beach Club, EmQuartier is the beating heart of luxury shopping in Phrom Phong.

It has a labyrinthine layout that is designed, seemingly, to trap you forever.

There are a number of fantastic cafes for whittling away the hours over coffee: Dean and Deluca, Jones The Grocer, D’ARK and Vanilla Cafeteria all come highly recommended.

For eating out, head on up to The Helix; a visually stunning three-storey spiral of restaurants pitched on a slope.

Wheelchair users, we’re not sure whether this layout is your best friend or your worst enemy.

Probably the latter.

3. Get Nostalgic in Emporium

things to do in phrom phong

Remember when this place was considered new?

Phrom Phong’s original luxury mall can be found staring neon daggers at the newer, flasher EmQuartier across the street.

Still, Emporium is hardly lacking for opulence.

It has a massive department store, an impressive food court, and more luxury brands than we could ever afford to sample in one lifetime.

It also houses a perennially deserted cinema; perfect for watching brand new releases away from the crowds.

Be sure to take advantage of the free blanket.

It’s bloody freezing.

4. Grab Italian on Soi 31

things to do in phrom phong

Phrom Phong is home to some of the finest Italian restaurants on Sukhumvit.

Foodie haven Soi 31 serves up delicious pasta at Appia, Enoteca and Antonio’s.

For pizza lovers, there’s the original Peppina, or Bella Napoli with its laid-back rustic charm.

Still stuck in the EmQuartier Helix?

Don’t fret!

Check out Bella Rocca, a new favourite serving up mouth-watering Italian cuisine on the 9th floor.

5. Visit K-Village

things to do in phrom phong

K-Village hosts a number of weekend farmers’ markets where you can sample local foods, arts and crafts, or kick back and enjoy the merry-go-round of Hi-So Pomeranians About Town.

This place is catnip for expecting mothers — or those with young families — and is full of shops selling baby products and children’s fashion.

Restaurant-wise, you’ll find a mix of Japanese and Thai eateries, including the delicious Yum & Tum and Watercress.

A welcome respite before the hell of that Sunday afternoon trip to BigC over the road…

6. Catch Some Waves at Flow House

things to do in phrom phong

If you’d have told us that it was possible to go surfing on Soi 26, we’d have thought you were referring to a cruel hosing of the local farang during Songkran.

(Trust us; we’ve been the victims.)

That was before we found out about Flow House.

Flow House is Bangkok’s only urban beach club. It has a simulated wave machine for surfing and bodyboarding, ideal for pretending the Gold Coast has come to Sukhumvit. You’ll find it in A-Square, a lifestyle space just across the road from K-Village.

It’s not just artificial surfing; there’s also pool, darts, ping pong and a Chang Bar streaming sports from all around the world.

7. Immerse Yourself in Good Books

things to do in phrom phong

Phrom Phong has a lot to offer for book lovers.

The Kinokuniya bookstore in EmQuartier (3rd floor) rivals the Siam Paragon branch for size.

It’s a sprawling mass of English, Thai and Japanese language titles.

Over in Emporium you’ll find a much smaller Asia Books.

For Phrom Phong’s purest literary delights, head to Dasa Books between Sois 26-28. This rickety three-floor shack is home to thousands of second hand books.

Another second hand option is Sun Books, just a few doors down from Villa Market.

8. Lose To Bangkok Languorous at Expat Quiz Night

things to do in phrom phong

Soi 33/1 is Expat Corner.

Here you’ll find a cluster of iconic expat pubs: the Robin Hood, the Dubliner and the Royal Oak.

Stop by for a drink, listen to the expat chunter, and try not to get mown down by the psychopath motorbike taxis as they zig-zag across the pavement outside.

If you are a fan of pub quizzes, Expat Corner has you covered.

Shout out to ‘The One’ — a lone ranger spotted on multiple quiz nights around town.

We’re convinced he’s tomorrow’s Leicester City of the pub quiz world.

Unfortunately, compared to Bangkok Languorous and Let’s Get Quizzical, we are the Aston Villa.

9. Relax in Benjasiri Park

things to do in phrom phong

Ever feel like Bangkok is grinding your senses to pulp?

Well, it’s a good thing Phrom Phong is home to Benjasiri Park; one of the few relaxing outdoor spaces on Sukhumvit.

Take a moment, chill by the lake, watch the gym rats, and lose yourself in a rare green bubble that hasn’t yet capitulated under the concrete jungle.

Just don’t look behind you.

There’s nothing like a mechanical bleedin’ T-Rex to wake you from that meditative state.


What are you favourite things to do in Phrom Phong?



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