300kg Escaped Crocodile Found In Surat Thani Shrimp Farm

A huge crocodile that is thought to have escaped captivity five years ago was discovered hiding out in an abandoned shrimp farm in Surat Thani.

The croc, now weighing a whopping over-300kgs and measuring about 3.5 metres in length, was discovered by the owner of the shrimp farm as he and some fellow workers attempted to dredge the 5-rai plot in order to start fishing in it, reports the National News Bureau of Thailand. 

Somehow, they managed to capture the croc and restrain it as it attempted to leave the pond, before alerting the authorities to their finding.

The head of the Provincial Fisheries Office in Phunphin attended the scene, followed by members of the local media.

An inspection concluded that the crocodile was between 7 and 9 years in age and is likely to have escaped a life of captivity during the floods that blighted Surat Thani in 2011. Curiously, the croc was observed to be familiar with humans, further suggesting that he had been raised by humans in captivity prior to escape.

Here’s a video of the crocodile’s capture:

croc from StudyInternational on Vimeo.


Featured image is a screenshot from the above video



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