Aussie Music Legend Molly Meldrum Hospitalised After Bangkok Tumble

72-year old Molly Meldrum, a veteran of the Australian music industry, has been hospitalised after falling out of a taxi outside his Bangkok hotel.

The journalist, record producer and stetson-wearing, all-round musical entrepreneur is becoming well known for his clumsy accidents.

“I’m a walking disaster,” he reportedly said. “I’m with the doctors now, they’re trying to put everything back together.”

“I’m not sure what it was, but I slipped on something on the ground and fell on the footpath, but I’m OK,” Meldrum reassured his well-wishers.

The former host of Countdown certainly has form in this area.

According to the Sydney Morning Heraldhe suffered burns during a 2014 smoking session in a bathroom after confusing the highly flammable Vick’s VapoRub for the gently moisturising Sorbolene cream.

Even more seriously, Meldrum was left fighting for his life in an intensive care unit after a three-metre fall from a ladder at his home in Richmond, southeast of Melbourne, in December 2011. He was in a coma for five weeks and suffered head injuries, brain swelling, cracked vertebrae, a broken shoulder and ribs.

Bangkok and Australia wish Meldrum a speedy recovery.

A mini-series on his life called Molly, starring Samuel Johnson as the titular lead, will be airing next month in Australia.


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