Bangkok Driver Trusts GPS Blindly, Gets Stuck On Tiny Causeway

In the latest edition of #ThailandOnly, a recent series of motoring photos have been tickling the online community of late.

In scenes that could rival that of The Officea driver in Nonthaburi seemed to put a little too much trust in his GPS device and opted for a most unusual shortcut.

Why use a road, after all, when you can drive down a tiny causeway meant for pedestrians or, at a push, well-controlled bicycles?

Well, the first thought that comes to mind is that you probably won’t fit down said tiny causeway.

Especially if you’re driving a MINIVAN.

That’s right, a minivan – not the most compact of vehicles – attempted to drive down a tiny causeway.

Sure. Thailand only.

minivan bangkok bad driving

minivan bangkok bad driving

Why did you not stop before the bush?

minivan bangkok bad driving

Always embarrassing when a crane turns up to rescue you.

minivan bangkok bad driving

All’s Well That Ends Well?

Keep doing you, crazy minivan driver.


Photo sourced from Reddit



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