Bangkok Pomeranian Attempts Angry Bark, But Just Manages To Be Super Cute Instead

A video of Gold Lion the Pomeranian has recently gone viral on Facebook and beyond as he attempts an angry bark at his owner but only manages to emit a series of high-pitched squeaks instead.

The Bangkok-based Pom puppy attempts to valiantly intimidate his owner who we can hear making noises in the background.

Putting on a brave face, spinning around with energy and signalling playtime with a play bow, little Gold Lion rather ruins his ‘tough guy’ approach when he opens his mouth to bark.

Instead of letting out a roar worthy of his namesake, Gold Lion can only make high-pitched squeaking noises and sounds a little more like a duck rather than a dog.

Whatever effect he was planning to achieve hasn’t worked. Unless he was going for the super-cute squeaking teddy bear effect…

Perhaps a little embarrassed at his lack of a manly bark, Gold Lion then retreats behind the sofa in a trot-like fashion in a bid to regain the upper hand.

Let’s hope he’s getting to work on improving that bark.

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Posted by Dreamteam Pomeranians on Friday, 29 January 2016


Can you say CUTE?



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