Can You Help Jacko, The Thai Temple Dog Fighting For His Life?


Sadly, Jacko’s injuries were too much and he has passed away. RIP Jacko. Thanks to everyone who shared and donated to his cause.


Little Jacko was found left for dead in a temple in Prachuap Khiri Khan — thanks to a few gutsy dog lovers, he’s now battling for his life in a Hua Hin vet clinic with a 50/50 chance of survival.

The vets have been told to do everything they can to save this poor pup, but he needs to overcome a severe case of blood parasites, infection and a leg that needs to be amputated before he’s in the clear.

Tamara Johnston – a dog rescuer down in Songkhla who runs Thai Street Paws – received a phone call on Sunday afternoon from a lady called Bootsmann Malin, who’d found an incredibly sick dog in the grounds of a temple in Prachuap Khiri Khan and wanted to know what she could do to help.

thailand dog rescue

As he was found at the temple

The resident monks were not proving helpful in her endeavours so she had to call for back-up.

After enlisting a local friend to help, Tamara and Malin managed to organise getting the dog – now named Jacko – to a nearby vet clinic for a prognosis. After an examination, it was decided that Jacko should be taken to Hua Hin if he was going to have the best chance of survival.

thailand dog rescue

Heading to Hua Hin

In trying to arrange transportation for Jacko and Malin to Hua Hin, there was yet more drama with the vets and tuk-tuk drivers who’d brought Malin and Jacko arguing the case for simply returning the dying dog back to the temple grounds.

Standing her ground, Malin refused to give up on little Jacko, and — by a sheer stroke of luck — Dr Nui, the Hua Hin vet, happened to be in the area and managed to collect Jacko and get the pup to his clinic for a thorough investigation.

thailand dog rescue

Jacko was diagnosed with dehydration, severe infection and blood parasites, and once he’s regained his strength, his leg will need to be amputated too. After a struggle to find a suitable vein, the vet was able to administer an IV line so Jacko could take in fluids and antibiotics.

The rescuers bought him a bed so he can at least feel the comfort of something soft as his body works to fight the infection.

dog rescue thailand

Unfortunately, the veins in his legs have collapsed and they are yet to get an IV directly in there; meanwhile he has been administered antibiotics, painkillers and recovery food via syringe.

The prognosis right now is 50/50 as to whether Jacko makes it, with a lot depending on him successfully fighting the infection that’s taken hold of his tiny body. Everyone involved is hoping that this little fighter manages to push his odds to 60/40 today.

dog rescue thailand

“I am totally overwhelmed at all the messages of support and offers of help. Thank you so very much,” said Tamara, who’s been coordinating the rescue mission from Songkhla and keeping everyone updated.

“I have told them to do everything possible to help this darling boy.”

A YouCaring page has been set up for little Jacko, and donations from anyone who would like to and are able to help will be greatly appreciated. US$250 has already been donated to the US$1,000 goal.

If you’d like to follow along with Jacko’s progress, you can like the Thai Street Paws Rescue Facebook page, which Tamara is updating regularly.


All photos via the Thai Street Paws Rescue Facebook Page



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