Could The Road Rage DJ Be Charged With Attempted Murder?

DJ Keng went down in infamy last week when he was captured on video indulging in a particularly nasty bout of road rage and then lying about it on camera.

You can see the video here:

The story goes that DJ Keng, real name Pattarasak Thiemprasert, became angered with a sedan car driving behind him.

As the cars came to a stop, Pattarasak was seen to ram the back of his pick-up truck into the front of the stationery sedan three times before getting out of the truck with a wrench in a bid to approach the other driver, Kavinkan Srireucha.

A number of motorcycle taxi drivers worked to keep the men apart while Pattarasak was quizzed by bystanders. He chose to paint himself as the victim, claiming that Kavinkan had actually rear-ended him and was to blame, despite the clear video evidence to the contrary.

After the video clip went viral across Thailand’s social media networks, Pattarasak was suspended from his radio station and handed himself into the police, seeing his driver’s licence seized, reports The Nation.

He has already been charged with reckless driving and may even be considered for attempted murder, writes the Bangkok Post.

Pol Lt Gen Sanit Mahathaworn, acting chief of the Metropolitan Police Bureau, said that CCTV footage will be examined to see whether Pattarasak intended to put Kavinkan’s life in danger.

“If that is the case, an attempted murder charge will be laid against the truck driver,” he said.

Although Pattarasak accepts that he rammed the sedan car, he upholds his claim that he didn’t start the fight and asked the public to refrain from attacking his family over social media.

“I am guilty. I accept that. I am man enough,” he is reported to have said.

In a remarkable show of forgiveness, Kavinkan has declined to lodge a complaint of property damage against Pattarasak, saying that he felt sorry for his wife who had only recently given birth.

“I accepted that both of us were guilty since we were hot-tempered,” he concluded.


Featured image is a still from the YouTube video of the incident



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