Fighting a Hangover on Sukhumvit

We’ve all been there.

A hangover in Bangkok is not pretty.

The noise, the heat, the hazards on the pavement – a few too many the night before can frankly be pretty dangerous on the streets of this city.

It’s Sunday morning. You’re feeling delicate.

Saturday night started in a glamorous whirl of champagne cocktails and selfies at Above Eleven but somehow ended with a roti on Soi Cowboy and far too many checkbin receipts in your wallet.


So here you are. Sunday. Hungover.

What do you do?

Wallow In Your Own Filth

hangover sukhumvit

Me this morning

The favoured mode of hangover survival for many of us past 25 is to simply curl up in bed, slam on the A/C and devote a few hours to mindless TV as you simply exist through the pain.

What you’ll need:

  1. Breakfast delivered – This is a biggie. Nothing’s going to soak up that Singha like a nice big greasy breakfast and, if you’re not prepared to leave the house, it’s gotta be delivered. Nothing says ‘hangover cure’ like a Big Breakfast from McDelivery, in our opinion…
  2. Coffee – Self explanatory although you will need to be prepared. If you’re not kitted out with a french press or espresso machine (darling, why on earth not?!), then stock up on a few bags of Nescafé instant from 7 Eleven the night before. You’ll thank your past self in the morning.
  3. A VPN – Unless you’re happy to watch rounds and rounds of the Kardashians on the True box, get yourself hooked up to a VPN – Hola is our pick – and access that long-neglected Netflix account. Cue season after season of Arrested Development…
  4. Makeup remover – Being hungover is rarely cute. What’s never cute is being hungover and having your face smeared with last night’s attempt at a smokey eye. Girls: get it together. Wash that s*** off.
  5. Panadol – You’ve gotta squash that headache quickly otherwise it’ll throw off your Netflix reruns.
  6. A dog (optional) – Who else is still gonna love you when you smell like an ashtray and look like a Bang Kwang escapee?

hangover sukhumvit

Hair Of The Dog

If you’re feeling particularly gnarly, sometimes the only cure available for that pounding hangover is more alcohol.

The effectiveness of Hair Of The Dog on your hangover is one that has been debated in health and scientific circles since the dawn of time (/the dawn of alcohol).

Regardless, there are plenty of spots on Sukhumvit willing to take a chance on the health benefits of a Bloody Mary.

Check out these bad boys for starters:

  • HemingwaysAsok, Soi 14: The Bloody Mary Brunch is held every Sunday from 12 to 4 pm and offers a DIY bar with over 40 different condiments to help you take the edge off that rager.
  • ChesaPhrom Phong, Soi 20: This Swiss restaurant’s Sunday Brunch offers free flow of Bloody Mary, prosecco, wine and beer from 11am to 3pm for ฿2,230.
  • Tribeca RestobarThonglor, Soi 13: Tribeca goes all-out on their Hair Of The Dog with freeflow Mimosas, Bellinis and Bloody Marys.
  • Sheraton Grande SukhumvitAsok: If your headache can handle a bit of light music, check out the Sheraton’s Sunday Jazzy Brunch with free-flow drinks and an accompanying jazz band.

hangover sukhumvit

Eat Through The Pain

What is a hangover without a disgustingly large brunch to take the edge off it?

One not worth having; that’s what.

Brunch is everywhere in Bangkok so there’s simply no excuse not to overindulge – once again – and counterattack that hangover with a combination of bacon, pancakes and the egg selection of your choice.

Picking our favourite Sukhumvit brunch spots would require a whole other post but check out these recommended offerings in the meantime:

sukhumvit hangover

Sweat It Out

For the masochists amongst us, sometimes the only thing that’s going to revive us is to glug a gallon of water and sweat it out with some good old fashioned exercise.

Can anyone say ‘pool sweats’?

Many a condo or apartment development in Bangkok is blessed with a pool and gym but if not – or if yours is seemingly permanently occupied by older Indian ladies going at a snail’s pace on the bike – there’s a host of fitness centres and workshops lining Sukhumvit Road.

Whether your ‘thing’ is crossfit, running, yoga or badminton, there’s something to suit every exercise fiend in this city.

Here’s a few spots to sweat out those toxins the morning after a big one:

  • The Racquet ClubThonglor: As is clear from the name, it’s all about racquet sports at this Thonglor/Phrom Phong fitness enclave. We’re talking badminton, tennis and squash.
  • Bangkok Babes BootcampPhrom Phong: Courtney Violet Bentley hosts a women-only bootcamp at Benjasiri Park every Sunday morning. Bring your A-game!
  • The LabPhrom Phong: The so-called ‘premier fitness studio’ in Bangkok has a great reputation across the city’s fitness afficionados. Why not sweat out the gin at their Power Hour Circuit on a Sunday morning?
  • Pilates StationAsok: If you fancy a slightly slower pace but still want to feel the burn, Pilates and Yoga is the only way to go. Try Sunday’s Barre class for those lithe dancers’ legs.



What’s your recommendation for a hangover cure on Sukhumvit?

I’m off for a Sausage McMuffin…




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