High Speed Bike Chase Through A Thai Drug Checkpoint Caught On Camera

After speeding through a drug checkpoint, a car led police on a wild goose chase down Thai roads and dirt tracks until finally breaking down.

Captured on camera by one of the chasing bikes, and uploaded to the Police Center YouTube channel, the video shows how police attempted to stop the car on numerous occasions by both surrounding the vehicle and shooting out his tyres.

The wily car manages to avoid capture by a series of sneaky manoevres and the sheer speed in which he careers away down the road.

Police chase the car on bikes and a truck at speeds that feel like we’re in a real life game of Grand Theft Auto, which notches up yet another gear as the car goes into a head-spinning swerve down a dirt track.

Still chasing, the police bikes now have to drive in the blinding fog of the dirt track which envelopes the car and makes it difficult to spot any oncoming traffic.

Finally, the car’s tyres gives out and he comes to a lurching stop.

Watch the video here:

Once the driver had been arrested and the car searched, it was found to be carrying a sizeable quantity of Crystal Meth, which explains the driver’s unwillingness to be searched at the checkpoint.

Two police officers were injured during the pursuit, according to Police Center.



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