HypeFreaX Release Crazy New Single About… Riding The BTS

Bangkok’s BTS is not usually considered to be an inspirational muse.

Yet somehow, the boys of HypeFreaX – a Bangkok-based electro duo – have done exactly that, and are now releasing a single that celebrates the, ahem, glamorous world of the Bangkok Mass Transit System.

‘Ride It Like The BTS’ was released on 4 March and is accompanied by a frankly incredible video that takes us on a journey down the Sukhumvit line.

There’s a lot of arm popping, thrusting, and general rap posturing, all set to the backdrop of some relatively unimpressed and confused commuter faces.

This guy in the background is our favourite:

hypefreax ride it like the bts

Inexplicably, the carriage then transforms into some sort of mobile disco, before a girl hops on seemingly demanding to see some biceps. She is graciously allowed to touch the arms of HypeFreaX.

The party continues, and then Santa shows up.

So far, so Monday morning commute.

Here’s the video:

The song is now available for purchase on iTunes.



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