Land, Ho! Huge Cargo Ship Crashes Into Pedestrian Walkway

CCTV cameras have captured footage of a huge container ship losing control and running aground near Bhumibol II Bridge in Phra Pradaeng, Bangkok.

The 479-foot long vessel crashed into a pedestrian walkway along the Chao Phraya River, causing tourists and other nearby walkers to flee the scene on 14 February.

It’s thought that the ship, the Singaporean Xetha Blum, had just left the Bangkok port before encountering bad weather and dangerously strong currents, which saw the crew lose control and the boat run aground.

Thankfully there were no injuries among the crew nor the pedestrians and although the ship suffered several hull breaches below the waterline, she managed to stay afloat until two coastguard boats were able to return it to the port.



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